Saturday, 10 June 2017

How Much Does It Take....

How much does it take...
To listen than to speak up,
To try than to give up,

How much does it take,
To show care than to rip apart,
Strangling them with words,
Being good than a brat.

How much does it take..
To make up than break,
Overcome your egos and choose to melt,
Does it really lower your crown,
If you gently bow down.

Not really,
But do they understand,
Or will they,
Is there a chance ?
If not them,
At least will you,
It's easy to point out,
Difficult to pursue.
Why can't we just start with ourselves,
Not following the crowd,
Being the lone wolf.

Charity is said to begin at home,
So let's start in our own hearts,
Filling it with love,
Showering a little care,
It won't make us fall,
From the valuable positions we hold,
Nor will loose our pride as told.

Let's just think,
What we wanna built,
A heart that beats to the rhythm,
Or ignorant to silent screams.

Skin & Bones Or Emotions

What Are you made of Skin  &  Bones Or Emotions