Thursday, 27 August 2015


The gerberas were perfectly set.
Coupling together with the faded blue glasses and the morning sky. 
The velvety green grasses awaited his arrival every morning along with her.

Cheese was his favourite, as he had always mentioned, asking for more even after finishing up the slices, ignoring burps that spoke for his stomach but not his mind.

She laughed in her thoughts, while sipping the tangy lemon juice that painted a picture for  those old days, when it seemed they had few but was more for they had each other. 


Thursday, 16 July 2015


The day was boring, filling moments with gloom. Quietly sitting by the window he watched the world pass by.
Hurrying, halting, stumbling, racing but never quitting. 

Ignoring the dark, lonely paths life has to move on with unstoppable spirit and unimaginable bravery even though it goes unnoticed most of the times.

So, he too stepped out, to match his steps along with the world, daring the scorching heat remembering his favorite lines from an old school book “ Adapt or Perish”.


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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


It as dark by the time I returned. 
Tired and exhausted I literally collapsed on the sofa even before turning on the lights. 
But my relaxing mode was short lived when sound of utensils falling reverberated in the house , forming sweat drops on my forehead. 

Taking cautious steps I switched on the light and opened the main door again getting prepared to face the intruder. 

And that’s when a soft furry feel caressed my toes, staring straight into my eyes, the house owner's kitten, as if clarifying it wasn’t him but the hunger which was the real thief.


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Saturday, 4 July 2015

An Advice


She had gotten married early. Circumstances demanded that. 
It didn’t give her much scope to pursue higher education. 
Though she started working but wasn’t satisfied with her work profile. 
I could always feel the discontent in her voice. That’s when I had suggested her to read and also write. 
She had laughed at my advice in the beginning. But then with slow and steady steps she ventured into this amazing world of writing. 
Basking in it’s aura. 
Feeling it’s warmth. 
Getting lost in it’s vastness. 
But never complaining. 
As writing introduced her to a world full of surprises and excitement.


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Thursday, 2 July 2015


It burned bright, incinerated, set ablaze my whole existence and rekindled my sunken thoughts.

The color red, your favorite and mine too adorned the walls of the room I had stepped into. 
The dark brown photo frame on the wooden bedside table wasn’t actually blank though it appeared so, as it's your picture that it was waiting for to cling on.        

Mystifying, it felt at first in the initial days when I had shifted to this new place alone, far from my past tie ups breaking shackles that  grasped me.

Little did I know, it was you who had pulled me, again, my twin flame, till the very morning of yesterday when I saw you drying yourself in the balcony, fresh from bath, droplets still hanging on like a stubborn desire,  I found home in the middle of nowhere. 


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Monday, 29 June 2015



“Exciting, don’t you think it would be really exciting”

“Well, who knows what it has got in store for us”

“Whatever, we can at least give it a try”

“But, they said it wasn’t worth the time and energy”

“Is it necessary that they are correct?”

“I agree still I feel we can rely on their opinion. After all they have experienced it first”

“But who knows what they had expected from it. They might be having a prejudiced mindset and that doesn’t help anybody. It isn’t always about the moments but also about the heart that beats with it”


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Thursday, 25 June 2015


They say it’s my longing.  
For you and for being yours.

They think, I dash my body across yours for feeling the sensation, that tickles my watery texture against your graveled one, unraveling pleasure of a life time.  
People, I don’t know what to say on their behalf as they see what they want to and speak what they don’t.

Never would they understand that it’s not my longing for the shore but my secret desire for the sky that propels me to use force as a medium of escape.


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Saturday, 20 June 2015




Today wasn’t great. Nor was yesterday. He had no idea about the future ones.

His hands shivered. Mouth dried up. Vision got blurred and mind went blank.
He felt burdened.
As though it wasn’t a circumstance but a big hole dragging him deeper inside.

His struggles were in vain. 
Neither repaying nor repairing.
He felt like a piece of junk. Abandoned in an old filthy garage.

Folding his palms together, he knelt down.
Prayers trickling down on his cheeks.

And suddenly everything felt, alright when he remembered his mother’s voice whispering “Sometimes you just have to leave it on HIM”



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Monday, 15 June 2015

Left Over

I had lost everything. 
So had he.

Devastated I waited for mother nature to take me in her arms and annihilate me, just like my loved ones.
Devoid of belongings and belongingness, I roamed around like a paronoid surviving like those last drops of water in a blazing hot summer day, feeling empty and purposeless.

But fate, it never abandons those, whose time hasn’t come.
It pulls, it pushes and it drives us to our desired destinations.

That’s when I met him. My companion, a blue coloured moped,  who was a leftover too.

And together we renamed survival as life. 


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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


“It’s not that easy you know”
“It should never be, when it is, it’s not the worth”

“But ….it has left me with a pungent feeling that still clings on to my mind leaving me vulnerable at the most awkward moments turning me into an object that can only absorb but can not reflect. It may have been suppressed but nobody can apprehend when it would pop up it’s ugly head taking me into it’s grasp again, uncertainty that’s the most certain character of any mental disorder” she said furrowing her brows displaying her deep concerns about the step he was asking her to take.

“ I understand dear, I totally do, what I was just trying to say  is how pestering circumstances may be always remember, there’s a new door out there, waiting to get unlocked bringing in  a dash of fresh air” he said holding on to her palm making her feel reassured.      


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Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Morning Cuppa

The mind is blank,
So are my thoughts,
Eyes just stare into the sky,
Not knowing whether to laugh or cry,
Overwhelmed they say I have gotten,
Worrying too much
Reacting often.
I know it’s wrong but can’t I just be
Someone I want to see                                                        
Though I have waited all these while
But never received in return a smile.
It’s only for the first few hours
Then nobody,
Not a single one cares.
Even I have wishes
I have expectations
To get adored
To feel loved.
But it’s only she who gets,
All the attention
And levels up my stress.
It seems as though I do not exist
Even when it’s me who holds the gift
The gift mankind has been gifted with
Well may be by chance
But it’s not a myth.
It’s something you savor
Go crazy if you don’t find her
As if she’s the only one who reliefs your life
Forgetting that I too strike a chord
Holding her with my strong arms.
Giving her the support
Letting her stand
Burning myself with her warmth,
For you to feel the morning chill
To live every moment
To enjoy the trill.
It’s great that you adore her dear
At least give me a look that you care
Coz it’s Us who make you alive
Brushing off your stress
Rejuvenating your life.
I hope someday you
Fulfill my wishes
Shower some love
On Me....
Your old forgotten,
Morning Cup



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Thursday, 28 May 2015


Anjali stood in the balcony, feeling the cool morning air and looking at the white topped building that was almost invisible just like her future according to her family.

“Do you even have an idea about what you are trying to say ?"
"It’s a hobby, limit it to a hobby, don’t dare to make it a profession. Diverting your way from the traditional paths is not going to help either of us in any way” she remembered  her mom spelling out those stern words.

“I know it wouldn’t be easy, still it would be worth the risk” she thought as sun rays splashed colors on the faint blue sky clearing away clouds of inhibition. 



                             " Take A Step Towards Creativity And A Journey Would Start "

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Monday, 25 May 2015

It Remained....

                                    # Day 1   Write Tribe Festival Of Words #4

It was there. In the corner. On a white colored ceramic tile with few blue stripes. It remained there. Unmoved. Undisturbed. As if born to be forever, together. It seemed as if an undeclared bond has been created. Between the both. Like the gum and the paper.
I had no idea what it were thinking. But definitely I was. About the owner who abandoned it, unknowingly may be. How she had hurried yesterday night. Before leaving for her home.
The sweat drops that settled on her nostrils attracted me more than anything else. Her purple colored pendant matched with her watch. The watch which somebody had gifted, on her birthday she was telling to a friend. She wasn’t able to talk much in the beginning. Surprisingly the opposite happened as the evening progressed. Her laughter tinkered across the room. As if it was only she who was present. Or it was just me who felt so. The music, the cuisine, the chatter, the dance everything made the party so special. Particularly for her, being her first. Also for me. Being my most adorable.
They say if lady luck starts smiling she doesn’t stop. She giggles. And that’s what had happened. The party has been long over. She has left. So have others. But something remained. That only I could sense and feel. Luckily, all alone. It dazzled even now. As it did on her. Through the entire evening. Making her shine.  

And it was there. On the ceramic tile with few blue stripes.Beside the mirror. 
Letting me relive. The moments. The thrills. The attraction. The longing. I smiled, thinking how silly we humans can be. Ignoring people right beside us and remembering ones from their left overs. But what can we do. We are helpless. In the hands of emotions. That ties us even with remnants, if it wants to. And here it was something very unique that transformed me back into the evening of yesterday and let me bath in her aura again. What if it’s just a small bindi. 


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This post was inspired from a bindi left in my bathroom by my aunt who had visited me few days ago:):)

Thursday, 21 May 2015


The wheels moved, I couldn’t. 
Something had stiffened my whole body, still I could hear them speak, in a language unknown. Footsteps approached me, pacing up my heart beat and making me sweat all over. 

A thousand thoughts popped up in my mind imagining every possible outcome for my body that was probably going to thrown out of the train like an unwanted fetus denied any chance of survival.  

The moving wheels seemed to invite the inevitable for me when, mom she just switched on the light compelling me to start a new day again, far from the world of  dreams.


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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Tap...

# 1 

Irritated. That’s exactly what he felt. 
On every body. On every thing.
The property and it’s division. Oh! It has been such a painful task. All his brothers, wanted the best.
The family orchard. How can they just rip it apart.

Water. It leaked. Constantly. From the tap. Near the courtyard.
How he wished if somebody could fix both.


Tiring. Was the whole day for him.
So were most of his days.
The blazing sun just makes it more difficult. 

Water if somebody would offer. But  who will, to a daily laborer.
Thank God! The tap. It leaked. 


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