Thursday, 16 July 2015


The day was boring, filling moments with gloom. Quietly sitting by the window he watched the world pass by.
Hurrying, halting, stumbling, racing but never quitting. 

Ignoring the dark, lonely paths life has to move on with unstoppable spirit and unimaginable bravery even though it goes unnoticed most of the times.

So, he too stepped out, to match his steps along with the world, daring the scorching heat remembering his favorite lines from an old school book “ Adapt or Perish”.


Linking up the post with Five Sentence Fiction - Scorching and Three Word Wednesday 


  1. The indomitable spirit made lively, Sushree:)

  2. Simply loved the language and the words Sushree :)


  3. Where there is a will there is a way.... How nicely you put it into a story, Sushree. Double likes!

  4. Adapt or Perish is the modern day mantra. I remember the poem , "Not time to stand and stare"........

  5. adapt or perish what man have done since the dawn if time

  6. Super post on the prompt...loved it :)


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