Monday, 29 June 2015



“Exciting, don’t you think it would be really exciting”

“Well, who knows what it has got in store for us”

“Whatever, we can at least give it a try”

“But, they said it wasn’t worth the time and energy”

“Is it necessary that they are correct?”

“I agree still I feel we can rely on their opinion. After all they have experienced it first”

“But who knows what they had expected from it. They might be having a prejudiced mindset and that doesn’t help anybody. It isn’t always about the moments but also about the heart that beats with it”


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Thursday, 25 June 2015


They say it’s my longing.  
For you and for being yours.

They think, I dash my body across yours for feeling the sensation, that tickles my watery texture against your graveled one, unraveling pleasure of a life time.  
People, I don’t know what to say on their behalf as they see what they want to and speak what they don’t.

Never would they understand that it’s not my longing for the shore but my secret desire for the sky that propels me to use force as a medium of escape.


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Saturday, 20 June 2015




Today wasn’t great. Nor was yesterday. He had no idea about the future ones.

His hands shivered. Mouth dried up. Vision got blurred and mind went blank.
He felt burdened.
As though it wasn’t a circumstance but a big hole dragging him deeper inside.

His struggles were in vain. 
Neither repaying nor repairing.
He felt like a piece of junk. Abandoned in an old filthy garage.

Folding his palms together, he knelt down.
Prayers trickling down on his cheeks.

And suddenly everything felt, alright when he remembered his mother’s voice whispering “Sometimes you just have to leave it on HIM”



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Monday, 15 June 2015

Left Over

I had lost everything. 
So had he.

Devastated I waited for mother nature to take me in her arms and annihilate me, just like my loved ones.
Devoid of belongings and belongingness, I roamed around like a paronoid surviving like those last drops of water in a blazing hot summer day, feeling empty and purposeless.

But fate, it never abandons those, whose time hasn’t come.
It pulls, it pushes and it drives us to our desired destinations.

That’s when I met him. My companion, a blue coloured moped,  who was a leftover too.

And together we renamed survival as life. 


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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


“It’s not that easy you know”
“It should never be, when it is, it’s not the worth”

“But ….it has left me with a pungent feeling that still clings on to my mind leaving me vulnerable at the most awkward moments turning me into an object that can only absorb but can not reflect. It may have been suppressed but nobody can apprehend when it would pop up it’s ugly head taking me into it’s grasp again, uncertainty that’s the most certain character of any mental disorder” she said furrowing her brows displaying her deep concerns about the step he was asking her to take.

“ I understand dear, I totally do, what I was just trying to say  is how pestering circumstances may be always remember, there’s a new door out there, waiting to get unlocked bringing in  a dash of fresh air” he said holding on to her palm making her feel reassured.      


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