Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Pristine Stream

Dragging his bag along he climbed the stairs of his flat 

The door opened welcoming him into his home in a city which gifted him with everything he had wished for but taken away his most precious belonging , his innocence.

The deafening music from the  neighborhood made him miss those good old days of village life where he spent his childhood sitting beside the sparkling stream that flowed within the forest nearby laden with uncountable trees.

A dip in it’s pristine water relieved him off the vagaries of everyday life .

“ I will go back someday “he mumbled to himself before succumbing into deep sleep .


Saturday, 29 March 2014



Few years ago  she had stepped out of her home with the promise of returning back only when she cleared this exam

Coz she knew  it was the sole way she would survive  pangs of her past that seem to stab her afresh everyday 

Today , her name featured in the list  repaying her back for every little pleasure she was starved off in the course of preparation and transformed her into an administrative officer instantly 

Someone in the crowd asked “  How does it feel “

She couldn’t reply a single word but deep within she felt her heart begin to heal 


  Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday 2014 # 9 

Friday, 28 March 2014

The Painting


The hall was beaming with enthusiasm filled in with students who were too busy arranging for the Pooja ( festival ) to be held after some time .

Someone was tying up flowers , someone decorating the stage while one was placing the cut fruits on plates to be served and some other busy dialing the caterer’s number who had to arrive half an hour before but was already late .

Like everyone else she was also busy with the task assigned by seniors to ensure her name  in their good book , when her eyes fell on an unknown face watching her painting keenly put on the college activity board .

“ Shruti “ called her friend introducing her to that unknown face, “So , are you the artist “ he asked with a mild grin .

 She nodded in approval completely unaware that her favorite painting would tie up the artist and the admirer as companions for life one day .


The Offer



He had gone before I was born and she after , leaving me in the custody of a distant relative who was more than happy to get a servant for free .

My days of penury seemed to have clutched an endless time period leaving me stranded all alone with little hope of reverence of  the circumstances .

When luck finally arrived one day in the form of a middleman , who was in search of new laborers needed to work in a power loom in some distant place where people of my village usually flocked in numbers .

Overcoming my initial hesitance I decided to give in as I was tempted with the offer which provided me the only scope of escaping from this life of servitude that neither gave me good food nor money .

“ With two pieces of clothing and a rugged shoe as my companion , I stepped out of my old home to venture in to a new world where undeclared opportunities awaited me “ said the young entrepreneur receiving a thunderous applause from the awe struck gathering .


This post is a Five Sentence Fiction with Prompt " Companion " for Blog Adda's WOW with Prompt " I was tempted ".

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Do Come Back....

As the sky gets painted in blue
And travels across the rainbow’s hues
Falls down rain drops making up puddles
Splashing some on my new doodle
The sun shines bright on summer noon
Pushing back our lovely shy moon
Blows cold breeze in frosty days

Oh…Mom pulls me out when in bed I laze
I still want to float in my dreamland
On Mount Everest  where I stand
Being the brave and fearless girl
Walking over steep roads walking over hills
Fighting every fear enjoying every thrill
But have to get ready just can’t deny
Wobbling up noodles wobbling egg fry

I saw her eyes it was still wet
Crying all night waking up late
Don’t know what to say
To make her smile
Washing away her pain
Scaring it till miles
Finishing my stuff when I walk to bus stop
A small little thought quietly pops up
I miss those days together with dad
Jumping along the house or dancing like mad
Hip hop hip hop we both went about
But not escaping mama’s angry shouts
Hiding under the sofa we giggle up for fun
In drowsy evenings or Sunday’s morn
Reading books of Noddy
Reading books of fairy tales
I used to laugh  like crazy
And never ever wail
Eating extra ice cream from both mom and dad’s share
Visiting carnivals visiting city’s fairs 
I wished the clock never ticked by
Under their shadow I never had to cry
What I didn’t think was
Things will break apart
Coz  it was all so lovely
From the beginning from the start
Why things changed and for whom
I know I don’t have the answers
I don’t have a clue
They say I am kid
They say I am too small
To listen up to grownups talks
And their quarrels .

Well I know I may not be big enough
But at least I understand when to stop
When to say sorry to my loved ones
How to please my best friend in just one instance
As big one’s they don’t even know  that
Not to finish up
Math’s sums too fast
If calculations go wrong in one single step
The whole answer simply goes in waste
To not scribble on art works book
It dirties up the clean beautiful look
To not to fight with your class mate
And to say goodbye when you leave near the gate
If a small kid like me knows all these
Can’t they make up
Sharing chocolate ice cream in our freeze
Life would get sweet
And lovely again
In sunny afternoons
Or in heavy rains
Throw up all anger
And please do come back
To our home sweet home
Oh dear loving Dad .



 A poetry written for Write.... Edit... Publish Challenge ....


What comes to mind for the March WEP challenge - Through the eyes of a child? Rewriting a passage from a child's POV? A montage of images through the eyes of a child? A poignant or exhilarating poem? A non-fiction piece told from a child's POV? The possibilities are limitless!

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014



Cuddled  in your arms
Under  moonlit night
Feeling the warmth beneath
Holding onto you tight
I crept into your bed
For countless stories in store
Of fairies princes and ghosts
Tempting me for more
Honesty prevails alone
And goodness over sins
What really did inspire
Was Arjuna’s wins
I never wanted to come back
To boring afternoons
Where every day after school
 Lonely I marooned
Craving for your love
Starving for your care
Remembering tales of courage
And tales of dare
I miss you all along
In spring or winter fall
My dear sweet granny
The greatest love of all


This post is for Write Tribe's 100 Words On Saturday 2014 # 8 Prompt " The greatest love of all " and Indispire Prompt " A story told by granny that inspired us "

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