Saturday, 1 March 2014


The gleesome morning rays ,
Touched her soft face ,
Coercing those lazy eyes  to open up ,
And take the new dawn in her sweet embrace .
Shiny  glistening drops of water ,
Clung  to her  ,
Not wanting to  splatter ,
Giving her a mild pat ,
Her siblings announced  ,
For a new journey was to start .
That  docile gentle one ,
Got plucked in the next instance .
 Enjoying  the modest breeze ,
Between her tender arms ,
She lived those very moments ,
Forgetting  old qualms .
Having arrived in a new place ,
Brushing off the journey  stress ,
She eagerly awaited to get strung ,
In that vivacious garland ,
That’s devoted to the Lord .
Every morn .
Secretly she had wished to unite with Him ,
Crossing mighty hills and every flowing stream .
Her white delicate face ,
Slowly brightened up ,
Letting her to relax a bit ,
Her journey was about to stop .
Bundled up in a pair ,
When her gaze met  His ,
Enamored she was in a divine feeling ,
As her wait finally ceased .



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