Thursday, 6 March 2014

Get Inspired....

                  This post is for Write Tribe's ...Day 5 ...Theme " Inspire ".


With unfaltering rays rises up the sun ,
Radiating it’s shine over the horizon ,
In quite gentle steps the moon walks back ,
Devoid of any qualms like an obedient chap ,
If those white watery clouds wishes to dance ,
Readies mother earth to take in her embrace ,
Those naughty honey bees  buzzes all over ,
Blossoms up the daisy shedding off covers ,
When  the wind flows amongst the bamboo lands ,
Rambles  our harvest joining in hands ,
As ripens on trees that tasty mango green ,
In unison the lovely cuckoo sings .
Some times in life when we get tired ,
Of  walking all alone or  plans getting backfired ,
If dreams seem to crumble and feelings fumble ,
Spreading across a lamentable gloom ,
Wait for few moments  ,
And just look around .
A beautiful balance is preserved in silence ,
Free from complains and free from pretense ,
Those undeclared understandings ,
Those unsaid promises kept ,
Inspire us ,
To take a new step ,
To believe and trust ,
In “ HIS “ obscure plans ,
Keeping our faith intact ,
Maintaining our calm .
Each time in life when we get stifled up in layers ,
There remains a thousand reasons ,
To just get inspired .




  1. A poem about nature & hope & God's plans so beautifully expressed, Sushree.
    Getting inspired to rise higher than the liars? Why bother about anyone, when we have the stars to reach out for! :)

    1. Thank you Anita for the appreciation and also pointing out the flaw . Actually I wasn't finding any rhyming word at that instance so wrote it like that ;)

  2. Your poem is an inspiration for me early in the morning.Just looking around the nature in all its beauty and the awesome creations of God will lift our minds out of gloom to joy.

  3. You know that "This is me" column of yours... that perfectly personifies you (... A Poet at Heart , A Writer in Thoughts , With an Artist's Observance..)
    Simply amazing.

  4. Lovely poem. I loved it fully, it went with a beautiful flow.

    1. Thank you...I am glad that you loved it :)

  5. The poem has magical moments magically mixed. Good that nature inspires you. Lovely poem!!

  6. Beautiful words to describe nature and how well it goes with the prompt :-)


  7. There remains a thousand reasons ,
    To just get inspired .
    LOvely lines. There are a thousand reasons to get inspired but one has just to see and hear around as you have done so. A poet can understand Nature better.

    1. Thank You so much for this lovely comment :)

  8. Those words were beautiful!! :)
    And to have woven it all in the form of poetry was simply brilliant!

  9. Brilliant poem and beautifully woven words to give inspiration:)


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