Saturday, 22 March 2014


Pure pristine mesmerized in hope ,
I descend down from my home up above ,
Bidding goodbye to fellow mates  ,
Wanting to get unveiled ,
Transforming my state .
Pitter-patter I fall down ,
Over tree tops , over dusty grounds ,
Sometimes getting trapped in a cold frigid lake ,
Sometimes flowing away ,
Putting my life at stake .
Through mountains , through valleys ,
Through boulders and rubles ,
Never drying down ,
To keep up this travel .
Still if ever I get engulfed ,
Changed is my course ,
I continue journeying ,
Never intending to stop .
Toppling on the leaves ,
Shining gently on flowers ,
I wish I could stay ,
Not just for a while ,
But for hours and hours .
Remembering my duty I give up that joy ,
To coalesce together ,
To reach the desired place .
To be your savior every time you need ,
As a new born or a dead man instead ,
To quench your thirst in a hot blistering day ,
To make you dance in a cloudy evening ,
To wash off every dirt that coheres with you ,
To let you travel in search of a land new ,
Committed , devoted , engulfed I remain ,
My whole life ,
For your personal gains .
Still , you don’t understand ,
And disregard my worth ,
Dirtying soiling griming my source ,
Forgetting without me ,
You won’t even stand a single day ,
In the months of December  or the months of May .
I may be tiny I may be small ,
I may not resemble something substantial at all ,
But if I get wild and combine in fury ,
Nothing can save you ,
Not even your imploring pleading story ,
Stop I will not at that very  time ,
As over and over again you are repeating old crimes ,
So gently today I wish you to take note ,
Preserve me  dear ,
Do not let me rot ,
Coz pristine and pure I love to remain ,
Relieving you of ,
Every little strain ,
Quenching your thirst ,
Allaying your fears ,
Easing your life ,
Amid smiles amid tears .

" Today is 22nd March , World Water Day "


  1. oh wow, this was precious, yes, we shall know of water's fury when combined. well written :)

  2. Thanks a lot for ur beautiful words :)

  3. Good one for the occasion.
    Very well expressed.


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