Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Everything was set , participants waiting to start and organizers fully prepared 

Still the event hadn’t started and everybody was waiting for someone very special to arrive

A very young restless participant asked  “For whom are we waiting sir?”

“For him” replied his senior pointing out to an old man who just arrived dressed up in shorts and tee readying himself for the marathon defying every preconceived notion about age .

For it’s not always our age that determines our life but our zest to live life that does .



He has been waiting for days , months and years .

Hot summers or chilly winters , rejuvenating mornings or dark nights , his hope never faltered  .

And finally yesterday it arrived , the result of his hard work , the result of his midnight toils , the result of his never ending efforts to find it amidst every uncertain circumstance .

His happiness knew no bounds .

After all the outcome of a research does mean everything for a nerdy scientist like him .


Monday, 28 April 2014


With tickets in her hands she walked at a very fast pace , expressing her eagerness to reach early 

Reaching on the door steps she knocked the door disturbing her mom’s afternoon nap and compelling her to wake up 

Seeing her daughter stand in front in an unexpected manner a feeling of surprise as well as panic got  instilled in her mother’s mind 

“Enough of struggle Mama , it’s time we treat ourselves” she said holding on to her hands and handing over the tickets

Few drops of happiness escaped through her black pristine eyes spreading a gentle smile and making her  look forward for the Xmas vacation with her super busy daughter in a far off place


Saturday, 26 April 2014


They lived just opposite 

Their days started with a glimpse of each others face and a curve on their lips 

It has been the same for past few years but nobody complains , as no one’s there to do so 

Settled in a different country and being so busy with work they seldom find time to call them back and exchange few words 

But that single glimpse every  morning  devoid of any words soothes their wrinkled souls to carry on for another new day


On this day of letter " W " 


The bus was already over filled , still he had to climb as that was the last one 

She was sitting near the window , her  and eyes fixed to the world outside 

Their daily bus journeys ended them up as friends very soon without even giving a hint to any one .

They took the bus again today to reach their offices and eagerly waited for each others company in the evening 

As through his eyes she saw the world and she gave him his voice

Skin & Bones Or Emotions

What Are you made of Skin  &  Bones Or Emotions