Thursday, 10 April 2014


Scene of a cafeteria in a hazy afternoon , in one of the famous colleges of a city .

Two boys discussing  "Have you seen her , she looks so innocent , I am sure she will come  and when you feel everything is ready just give me a call  I will be there at the right place at the right time" the one in the yellow shirt said to his friend wearing a black jacket .

A dusky girl with curly hair wearing a green T shirt , speaking to her friend in a hushed up voice "Remember one thing whatever happens never drink anything he gives , just be ready with your spy cam and send me a message , I will reach in a moment and then I will see how those innocent boys will go out of our clutches" 

The canteen boy who was observing them for quite sometime came near their tables to clean it up and asked for few tips in return .

After he left  , the same talk prevailed in both tables “ it’s not even a month and this lanky village chap has already started asking for tips , who knows what will he do tomorrow , see how soon people lose their innocence “ they said before getting up to materialize  their plans in not so innocent ways . 


On this day of letter " I "           

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  1. Loved it! Very cool. Great quotes too! Your new follower, Shawn from Laughing at Life 2

  2. nice quote sushree :) loved it :) true innocence lost can never be regained!

  3. :) yeps one may lose that innocent thought of mind on reaching the college going age. People begin to surprise us. Characters are shaped. :)

  4. How easily we judge people. And how easily we lose our innocence !!

  5. Aah! The kettle calling the pot black!!
    Nice story with a great message :)

  6. How quick we are to judge others but never ourselves. Well said, Sushree.

  7. Very beautifully written, and your quotes are an added delicacy :-)

  8. Judging others is sometimes what we jump to do no? There was something lyrical about this post..beautiful!

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  9. Loved the way you have narrated the story. Brilliant.

  10. nice little story hope to read more of your work. :)

    Good to connect via A-Z :)

  11. These days innocence is such a rarity!
    Nice story.


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