Sunday, 20 April 2014



One after the other they kept coming but replies never came
Eagerness gave way to reluctance and shyness to denial
The remorse face of her mother reminded her of the pathetic condition she was in

His eyes never saw a letter of approval by the recruiters
They weren’t late in branding him as the ugly scar on his family’s face
But his undying spirit never let him down and he finally settled well

Fate pulled them in , to alleviate the emptiness surrounding them
“It’s quite late now” they grumbled

Few signatures inside the court’s premises and happiness quietly sneaked in


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Today being a holiday for A-Z ...Enjoy your Sunday Friends ;)


  1. liked your take on the prompt... but I thought that 'quite quietly' was one single word....

    1. may be but being busy with work and out of Bhubaneswar this is what came to my mind :) And thanks :)

  2. All's well, that ends well :) And happy Sunday Sushree :) Good to see you back :)

  3. another blissful ending :) two lost souls dind each other!

  4. A happy ending is always nice.Have a great weekend

  5. Branding superficially for some other mistakes - a routine for negative actions...Good story. You also made him successful at the end. That's looking at the positive side. Thanks.

  6. lovely story with blissful ending!! :)

  7. An interesting story. Good it ended on a positive note.

  8. Ah, the silver lining at the end makes it all better :) Nice, Sushree!

    ~Shailaja's post

  9. First visit here.
    very intersting posr


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