Thursday, 17 April 2014

One Piece....

The train was late and there wasn’t much to do .

So they decided to give their taste buds a treat and ordered for chicken 65 from the cafeteria nearby .

Cracking jokes and enjoying latest bollywood songs on their smart phones , they munched on the hot spicy pieces when a bony piece popped up like an out caste and got discarded in the next instance

Hiding behind the pillar he was waiting for this moment , like a lightening flash he vanished with that discarded piece and ran to the other side of the platform to his younger bro waiting eagerly for him .

Beaming with joy the little urchin walked towards his brother and said “ Chotu let’s feast “ .

*Chotu : Little brother 


Courtesy : Google Images

On this day of letter " O "      

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  1. The tragedy of poverty and the smile that they can have in the face of it all. Beautifully done in five sentences, Sushree!

  2. Hi...Friends ,
    We have already covered the halfway path of the A-Z Challenge and believe me it has been an amazing experience :)
    Meeting new bloggers , interacting with them getting to read some awesome stuff as well as very different ones ....I think A-Z Challenge has been a blessing in disguise for many bloggers ...isn't it .

    Well I have been regularly following some blogs all through the challenge as I really enjoy reading their posts and get to learn new things from them.
    But for next few days I may not be able to do that wholeheartedly as I have to attend a Conference and would be out of station . Though I have scheduled my post for some days but the part I will really miss is reading your write ups . I would try to read them whenever I find time .

    You have bestowed lots of love on my blog in the previous days and I wish you do stop by my blog in the coming days too :)

    Thank you so much guys for your lovely comments and awesome posts that makes this blogging challenge so wonderful .

    Best Wishes

  3. Hey Sushree, All the very best for your conference, and you can catch up any time , NO pressure !
    Will miss your comments :)

  4. Poverty.. a reality of our country..Nicely put Sushree.. And all the best for your conference.. Will miss you on our blogs :)

  5. Hey, love ur short stories. There is a sensitivity that is portrayed so well. Hunger is a real tragedy where people are not able to afford two squared meals.
    All the best for conference and keep rocking. Will miss you:)

  6. Excellent story, poignant and true to life.

  7. That was at once touching and sad.You bring pathos in very few words.

  8. poverty makes people do all kinds of things. brilliant write up sushree :) wil miss u wen u go for the conference.. bt am glad u hav scheduled the posts :) wil drop by :)

  9. O this is so touching, Sushree. You brought out the contrast so well...
    Good luck for the conference.

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  10. How heart wrenching. :(
    Hope you have a great conference S :D

  11. OMG, Sushree, you just stole my heart with this !
    There's nothing more painful than seeing someone eat out of the waste. Seriously. There's nothing more sinister than wasting food.
    With every morsel that we waste, we are earning the wrath of some hungry stomach !!
    Take a bow, Sushree !!

  12. This was perhaps the best so far....Loved the way you brought about the pain of poverty along with the shred of hope!

    O for Ostracized-Random Thoughts Naba

  13. The food that is 'outcaste' for one person is a treasure for another.
    Life is unfair, but it is hope that makes the poor and underprivileged look for every opportunity.
    All the best for the conference. Your thought-provoking posts will be missed, but work comes first.

  14. first visit here.
    Very interesting

  15. Yes, this is touching but the reality...On one side people starve, other side - corps go rotten in the warehouse..

  16. A delicious feast they must have had!!

  17. Honestly speaking, i must tell you that I thought that it was a dog, which took away the piece.. and my heart felt so burdened, knowing that it was a child.. how pathetic.. as sreeja has exactly mentioned.. it is painful..


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