Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The continues beeps of the alarm wouldn’t be successful in waking him up but my kicks would .

From morning till late in the night we would be glued together like the two sides of a coin .

Sharing maggi during midnight or apron for practical , stealing the pen’s refill or bathroom towel , throwing smelly socks in front of his face or teasing each other in name of our classmates , we were simply inseparable like twins born out of different wombs .

But it all fell apart in just a single moment , when that one phone call metamorphosed our decade long understanding into an unresolvable misunderstanding .

Standing in front of each other's eyes in the class reunion party today , a nostalgic vibe spread in my body that pulled me towards him letting me whisper in his ears in an apologizing voice and making me feel , friends are friends after all .


On this day of letter " N "    

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  1. True friends never go away :-)

    PS: I am loving your short stories :-)

  2. True friends stand the test of times:) Heart warming post.

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  4. i wonder what that phone call was about that put a breach in such great friendship! glad they wer back together in the end :-)

  5. Good thing! Better to patch up :)

  6. Forgiveness heals the heart... Algia means pain..and such memories then start giving pain...
    Nice post again...

  7. With time all differences and misunderstandings wash away no...Love your posts :)

    N for Nauseated-Random Thoughts Naba

  8. Friendship is the best and deepest of all the relationships. Nice post

  9. Saying sorry to mend up things, perhaps, is the best part of human nature. :)

  10. This is extremely beautiful Sushree! Sorry certainly works... Friends are friends after all...

  11. This made me miss my best friend! He is miles away! :(

  12. Happy for them, they are back to being friends !!! :)

  13. It is better to let go, to forgive...such friendships are rare! (This reminded me of a friend)


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