Monday, 14 April 2014


His day started before they opened their eyes and ended after they closed .

A plough and two bullocks that was the only property his father gifted him before his death and with that he toiled day in and day out to make their lives way better than his own .
Today when they fought among themselves for dividing the property as soon as possible , not a single time did it cross their minds , it wasn’t just a piece of land but the old man’s blood and sweat that had witnessed his struggle for decades to reach a place his ancestors hadn’t imagined .

Lying on his back with his vision fixed to the moving fan , he thought to himself “whom should I hand over that plot of land, my own blood who recognized it as nothing else but a property valued millions or to people who still remain unrecognized in spite of their sincerity and hard work worth millions” .

The lawyer read the declaration in a clear voice , it stated “the old man had donated a part of the land in name of his organization taken care by his most loved employee and the other part to the village community for building up a school” this made his children furious but alas the old man had already gone , leaving them behind  for his new home.


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  1. he did a good choice :) often families are torn apart by property! its gud he donated it for some one who wil truly value it :)
    a-z participant

  2. Too many families are engaged in land and property disputes. In the end are they not all a family? The father did the right thing to give it away. Although what strikes me is, if his family did value him too perhaps he wouldn't have given it away? A matter of perspective :)

  3. Nice story! More people should follow this old man's example.

  4. How much it must have hurt the old man to see his sons fight for property which they would get, only when he died? It was almost like they were waiting for his death!
    They obviously didn't deserve any of it!

    As usual, beautifully written. :)

  5. Salute his decision !!
    And love the narration !:)

  6. This is a beautiful story. Beautifully narrated.

  7. The old man did it right!! The battle for property can get very nasty and can ruin families!

  8. Nice - very satisfying - as it should be! I enjoyed reading your post! Greed destroys any focus on importance!

  9. Still such a big issue here in India is this not? How many fights and cases take place?! Great story!

    1. Great decision by him! Loved this piece!


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