Tuesday, 1 April 2014



The night was quite , spilling moonlight all over the lonely road and not a single soul was visible till far .
Just like his life where everyone had closed doors  .
They were all around till he was of some use for them but when his time came to get paid back ,  in a blink of an eye they turned their faces away leaving him stranded in the middle of life’s path .

And today here he was on this fateful night zooming across trees that played hide and seek in the dark , like good times which often plays with people , bestowed with a good heart .
“ All of them , they all are same “he thought “ It isn’t their mistake but mine  for not having recognized the world and it’s ways .”

With lots of hope he had approached them again but unfortunately empty handed he returned back  .

“ We should never help anyone in their need “ he said out loud knowing very well that nobody was listening .
Tears struggled on the verge of falling down through his black eyes which now held a swollen look owing to the sleepless nights he spent for a prolonged period .

The cold wind dashed into his brown skin like those emotionless words which were unsuccessful in bringing out the pain on his face but wrenched his heart deep within .
“ Those who don’t have the ability to reach shouldn’t dream big , remain where you are , that’s what you are destined for “ he was advised the same morning .
He always believed Almighty’s there somewhere , near by listening to his silent pleas .
If he does , then where has he vanished testing the limits of his patience and his honesty .

His eyes fell on a man standing at a distance , asking for lift but this time he decided not to stop.
“Enough of good work , they are leading me nowhere” he thought and crossed that man instantly without even glancing sideways .

But his kind heart forbid him from doing so , turning his bike again , he went towards that man to inquire if he really need help .
Seeing the bike approach , the man ran forwards with all his might and fell down at his feet  surprising the bike rider in return .
The man said in a pleading voice  “Sir my son is admitted in the hospital and I was going near him , when my bike suddenly stopped on this road . For the past few hours I am asking every passerby for lift but nobody stopped . Thank God ! I knew someone will definitely come to my rescue “
“It’s ok” he said , made him sit on the pillion and dropped him near the city hospital in about half an hour .

 “ Ok tell me one thing “ he asked “After you were denied by every passer by how did you still believe  that somebody will give you a lift . “
“ Sir you know , someone’s there above  who listens to the prayers of true hearts and  He will come to help us in  some or the other form .“ the man replied with a modest smile on his face before vanishing inside the hospital corridor .

Next day…. 

 An unknown number blinked on his phone’s screen .
“ Hello “  
“ Your project has been approved sir , “ said the voice on the other  side .

The tinkering sound of the bells from the nearby shrine flowed in , reinforcing his belief that yes someone’s there above who listens to the prayers of  honest hearts .


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  1. Nice. :)


  2. haha all about loans! Good one !

  3. So much faith in the unseen does take a lot of courage... Beautiful story.

    1. Ya it does but that simple word sometimes gives hope to move on :)

  4. difficult indeed to hav faith when everything is going wrong!!

    1. Agree to that ...but at times we don't have any other option left...

  5. I wish it were a stranger's kindness than a loan. Nevertheless written well :)

  6. I did modify it a bit ....thank you for the suggestion Sabehaa :)

  7. Faith can move mountains ... a very beautiful post :-)

  8. Loved the imagery of the night time you created. And loved the message!

  9. The guy above always listens ;) Good one, Sushree !


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