Saturday, 24 September 2016


Kasey was crying aloud.
Face red, eyes swollen, lips parted giving a tiny hint of her new born teeth. The whole house was in turmoil. Startled everybody looked on without a pinch of a hint.

Her tired eyes were searching for her mom.

“ They are gone mom....they are gone...the stars” she said pointing her fingers out of the window
“Why worry dear...when they can be right here”, she said and switched on the lights.

Kasey jumped into her arms with a big smile.

“ Never worry sweet dark the night may seem there’s always light waiting to get unveiled”

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Friday, 23 September 2016


He : Hey....long time. How have you been?
She : Good...
He: Really...
She: You think I will speak up like a little girl at this age...
He: Age...what’s your age now?
She: don’t know! I guess we passed out almost at the same time...
He: we both are mostly of the same age and i don’t think i am old...he says with a giggle
She:Honestly even i don’t think I am old too but we aren’t teenagers anymore
He: I agree... I agree...but where’s the harm in trying to be again...ha ha ha
She: Shut up...idiot...we can’t do this has shown us enough realities to believe in it’s illusions anymore.
He: Realities have never asked us to quit believing in illusions, you remember the old saying of our school days...the more we believe the more we achieve
She: Of course i was to believe in dreams not on imaginary illusions
He: And what dreams are made of....
She: Oh ...I have never won an argument with you..nor do I intend to...just let it go
He: It’s not about winning the argument but.....
She: But... what ?
He: I don’t know....
She: I know...
He: What ?
She: Few things are better left unsaid....
He: Hmmm
She: I guess we are old enough to stop running from each’s not always required that everything that happens in our life gets a legitimate name...there are thousand and one feelings that we can not describe nor can we define but we still love them the way they just let it be...the way it is coz there exists fine lines between relationships named and unnamed.

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