Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Chair...


From  blossoming spring to winter fall ,                                 
From morning walk to evening strolls,
I can say I have seen them all.

Crawling over floor to walking spree ,
Standing straight to bending over knees...
Thatched roof to pucca ones,
Double storeyed or with window panes,

Tingling bells to scooter horns...
Vrooming bikes or Lancers owned ,
From lonely afternoons to giggled chatters ,
Shiny plates or broken platters...

Entwined hands or turned off heads ,
Rosy pink or icy reds.
Smokey morns or lightening showers...
Fruitless trials or applaused awards...

I can say I have seen you spring up ,
Like seeds grow someday to harvestable crop.
With tender hands you have pulled me with care,
With naughty legs upon me you have stared...
Never let go the togetherness we share...

I am your rusted wrinkled chair.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Last Letter

After waking up today morning, I was surprised to see a letter on my study table.
For few seconds  I couldn’t figure out from whom it could be. So I opened it . It went on like this.

Dear S ,
How are you ? Surprised.. aren’t you. Thinking why I thought of writing now when I haven’t all these years. Honestly I never intended to.   But the precious moments of my life are slipping away. I wasn’t left with any other option than writing to you.
You remember , the first time we met.  I came dressed up in your favourite colour ..”Black”. How you had pleaded your dad to meet me. To make me yours. To hold my hand.  How you rolled down tears to have me with you.  And when finally I arrived , a bright delighted smile spread on your face enlightening the entire place. Can I ever forget that ...
I was the  most closest  person to you. From waking up in early morning till late night study, I used to be your loyal companion.  Once we were separated by mistake and you went mad searching for me everywhere. But I came back , like a dutiful partner ignoring the outer world.
Can I ever forget those days when I used to feel the softness of your hair and the smell of my favourite perfume , as you talked for hours about everything under the sun.
You remember the day when unknowingly I got dipped in the washing machine , clinging to your blue jeans pocket.  Again like a honest  mate, I shrugged off the water ...dried myself and reported back to you. Once , I fell down from the 2nd floor of your hostel landing straight on the ground . I was broken, fractured and dismantled into pieces. Still I limped back into your secure arms.
 To your side , I even dreaded the face of death.
Alas...maybe this wasn’t enough. You got attracted towards a newer version. More sleek ,more attractive , more fashionable  and way Smarter. Within few seconds of it’s arrival you abandoned me. I was left all alone. Hurt , dejected and wounded.  I was so scared when your dad asked you to give me away. But you denied. How can I say , how relieved I was.
In those moments I felt ,  you may be  far but you still love me. I hold a special place in your heart.  Sometimes when you open the drawer after coming back home and try to bring me back to life ...switching me on...I get rewarded for all those years of my service. I relive our moments of closeness.
 Unfortunately my body’s giving up. It has become old and weak.  Someday my heart too will stop beating .  But, that can’t separate us. Because , you were my first love and will always remain so.  
Just thought of writing to you today. Who knows I may not get a chance tomorrow. This is my first letter and my last one too.  
Hope to meet you in a new modified form.

 With Love...
  Yours old Nokia phone.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Madly In Love With Pain...

Not just once... but time and again
Fate  played numerous games..
Taking me through the mazes of life..
For fresh air sometimes had to strive.

Thought...may be this was the end..
And rest will be happily spend..
Alas! it came back in a new form..
To blow my sails in the mighty storm.

Still I learned the tricks to survive..
Well..for every ounce of blood in pain I thrived...
The road ahead seemed to be filled with dust..
Not a single one was there to trust...
Lone I had to spend all the years..
Even a hand didn't raise to wipe my tears.

All I was thinking why just me?
Had questions crawled up for the "Thee"...
When will I ever get the chance ...
To come out of all these trance.

Will ever the sun bright so shine...
And say exactly what was my crime...
Why are they pushing me through the dark lanes..
All around just filled with blood stains.

Will ever I get the reason to know...
Why there is no spring but just winter snow.

Tired I am of these acting skills..
Doing them all the time is no more a thrill..
Ripped apart is my heart's core..
Emotions just washed ashore.

I promised all to never leave their hand...
But when I turned, near me.. no one did stand.
They thought I was ...just a phase..
An entertainer in the world's stage.

May be all of them were so true..
As the life's sky got filled with gloomy hue.
I thought lying down on the fields green...
Watching the clouds hover the sky's blue screen..

As the golden rays touched the grass...
I felt why life had been so harsh...
Won't I  get a second chance...
To prove my worth and say "I am not a trash".

Let thousand times fate pull me down...
One day surely I will wear the golden crown.

That very day,
Walking past the heaps of hay...
Slowly to my life ...I will ask..
To give me again.. new enduring tasks..
Coz..people may pray for money, glory or gain..
But I pray for one thing....
And thats.....
To be madly in love with pain.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Baby Girl...

Yesterday I got a call...
Someone was blessed with a baby girl.
For moments.. a smile spread on my lips..
But alas! It wasn’t long lived.
Scary thoughts cropped up in my mind ,
Of hatred boiling over and organised crimes.
Of conscious strangulation and unconscious approaches ,
Of dreadful growing up years and horrendous dowry deaths.
I cursed myself for being such a sadistic hag ,
But is it just me or the society’s on a phase of lag.
We boast of living in a century of technological advancements...
But what never fills... is a hungry man’s contentment.
A woman is still judged as a Daughter or Mother or Spouse..
Forget about the outer world , she isn’t safe even in her own House.
When I open the morning paper and read these crimes of assault...
My rational self questions....
Who is it really at Fault...
The loud music , the booze or the overflowing sites of porn ,
Who is responsible for the crimes reported every morn..
Hang one here or give them life term...
Is that going to promise security to my tender new born.
There was a time when I used to love kids of every form..
But today when I look in their eyes ....I can see the approaching storms.
Scared I am for these gentle souls..who arrive every day...
With negativity brewing around ....what am I left to say.
I wish a land existed somewhere...I could take my precious ones...
Away from this hypocritical world of ours ...
Away from this chaos and unmindful trance.
If not yesterday ...then let us try at least for tomorrow ,
To give these nestlings a life.... minus fear or sorrows.


It's a coincidence that we meet them..
And get introduced by a formal name.
But we do share a very special relation...
They may be different , but they are our own.
They stand by us till the very end..
The world may call them as "Angels"..
I call them my "FRIENDS"...

For all those special people who are Almighty's blessings in physical form..
And who make our simple life worth living with their presence.

The Experimental Friendship...

Standing in the chemistry lab...
I was wondering what's life all about if some crap..
U came and gave me a sweet smile just then..
And made the whole lab experience just heaven.

Through the apron's black holes..
Or the assistant's mole..
A simple relationship grew..
How nobody knew..

The ohm's law may be was not that interesting..
But definitely during those days ...
I found a heart so caring.

The botany slides were not that good..
But we tried as much as we could...
And my God every day u were late..
But..ya you were differently made.

May be I spent few moments with you..
Still , I felt all the happiness renewed.
Fate played games with life..
But together with u I learnt the tricks to survive.

Things always didn't go well ..
And times had been a bit cruel...

A day will someday definitely arrive...
To touch ur life success will strive..
The world around would be filled with different weather...
And further ahead there would be nothing to bother.

Blue foamy tides will touch ur soul..
Making u feel... complete as a whole
Sunny rays will shine overhead..
And the dreamy moon will make you sleep on a cozy bed...

All around there would be glitters of smile..
And pain won't be there ...not even for a while..
A somber music will fill your ears..
And wipe away all the past tears..

Blessed u will be with the Heavenly grace...
And life would seem like a dew drop afresh..
The cool raindrops will wash the days of gloom..
And beautiful bright flowers begin to bloom..

Every where just a serene beauty..
And a smile will spread on your face cutey...
And that very day u will feel..
For honest and humble ones...
In this world ...there's a place still.

Dedicated to an old friend of mine...

Skool Dayz...

When d rain drops trickle down d window pane..
N life’s not a maths of loss or gain..
Close ur eyes n think just once…
When things were true n not just pranks..
If life rewinds dose moments of fun..
left behind would be none…
Not just d tiffin breaks..or HPER classes..
Dere was a thrill even in mass drill batches…
Whether the praise or the thrash..
Bondings were like..wuld never crash..
who cared abt prizes or glory..
when d friends tiffin box was d only worry…
Smiles of her were precious dan mine.
Filled wid emotions were those times…
Promises were never made 2 b broken..
On every occasion there was a Cracken:-)
Moments were filled with vibrant hue…
what’s life’s all about who just knew…
I wish i could go away through d skies..
where all d worries would vanish away…
To d land filled with childhood laughter..
smiles..continued just after n after…
When d raindrops trickle down through d window pane..
I wish life wasn't a maths of loss or gain……

Over the distances...

Over the distances..
And over the miles,
A day will surely come
Filled with happiness and smiles.

The morning rays will touch your face..
And make you feel , it's the Almighty's grace
Surely the time will arrive soon..
Drenched in the silver tan of the moon.
Giving you a small curve on the lips,
And glowing as a spark in your eyes.

The moments will finally knock your door..
Whispering..just open quick.
To make you feel..ya..
" Dreams do Come" .


Standing on the ploughed fields...
I wish to see a dream,
A land of hope and aspirations
Taking me away with them..

Feeling the tiny drops of rain on my unpampered hands,
I used to think what life would be apart from these daily errands.
As the light blue creature whistles by on old rusten tracks,
Where would it be heading inquisitive heart asked.

Strangers & Friends

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