Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Last Letter

After waking up today morning, I was surprised to see a letter on my study table.
For few seconds  I couldn’t figure out from whom it could be. So I opened it . It went on like this.

Dear S ,
How are you ? Surprised.. aren’t you. Thinking why I thought of writing now when I haven’t all these years. Honestly I never intended to.   But the precious moments of my life are slipping away. I wasn’t left with any other option than writing to you.
You remember , the first time we met.  I came dressed up in your favourite colour ..”Black”. How you had pleaded your dad to meet me. To make me yours. To hold my hand.  How you rolled down tears to have me with you.  And when finally I arrived , a bright delighted smile spread on your face enlightening the entire place. Can I ever forget that ...
I was the  most closest  person to you. From waking up in early morning till late night study, I used to be your loyal companion.  Once we were separated by mistake and you went mad searching for me everywhere. But I came back , like a dutiful partner ignoring the outer world.
Can I ever forget those days when I used to feel the softness of your hair and the smell of my favourite perfume , as you talked for hours about everything under the sun.
You remember the day when unknowingly I got dipped in the washing machine , clinging to your blue jeans pocket.  Again like a honest  mate, I shrugged off the water ...dried myself and reported back to you. Once , I fell down from the 2nd floor of your hostel landing straight on the ground . I was broken, fractured and dismantled into pieces. Still I limped back into your secure arms.
 To your side , I even dreaded the face of death.
Alas...maybe this wasn’t enough. You got attracted towards a newer version. More sleek ,more attractive , more fashionable  and way Smarter. Within few seconds of it’s arrival you abandoned me. I was left all alone. Hurt , dejected and wounded.  I was so scared when your dad asked you to give me away. But you denied. How can I say , how relieved I was.
In those moments I felt ,  you may be  far but you still love me. I hold a special place in your heart.  Sometimes when you open the drawer after coming back home and try to bring me back to life ...switching me on...I get rewarded for all those years of my service. I relive our moments of closeness.
 Unfortunately my body’s giving up. It has become old and weak.  Someday my heart too will stop beating .  But, that can’t separate us. Because , you were my first love and will always remain so.  
Just thought of writing to you today. Who knows I may not get a chance tomorrow. This is my first letter and my last one too.  
Hope to meet you in a new modified form.

 With Love...
  Yours old Nokia phone.

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