Sunday, 22 September 2013

Baby Girl...

Yesterday I got a call...
Someone was blessed with a baby girl.
For moments.. a smile spread on my lips..
But alas! It wasn’t long lived.
Scary thoughts cropped up in my mind ,
Of hatred boiling over and organised crimes.
Of conscious strangulation and unconscious approaches ,
Of dreadful growing up years and horrendous dowry deaths.
I cursed myself for being such a sadistic hag ,
But is it just me or the society’s on a phase of lag.
We boast of living in a century of technological advancements...
But what never fills... is a hungry man’s contentment.
A woman is still judged as a Daughter or Mother or Spouse..
Forget about the outer world , she isn’t safe even in her own House.
When I open the morning paper and read these crimes of assault...
My rational self questions....
Who is it really at Fault...
The loud music , the booze or the overflowing sites of porn ,
Who is responsible for the crimes reported every morn..
Hang one here or give them life term...
Is that going to promise security to my tender new born.
There was a time when I used to love kids of every form..
But today when I look in their eyes ....I can see the approaching storms.
Scared I am for these gentle souls..who arrive every day...
With negativity brewing around ....what am I left to say.
I wish a land existed somewhere...I could take my precious ones...
Away from this hypocritical world of ours ...
Away from this chaos and unmindful trance.
If not yesterday ...then let us try at least for tomorrow ,
To give these nestlings a life.... minus fear or sorrows.

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