Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Experimental Friendship...

Standing in the chemistry lab...
I was wondering what's life all about if some crap..
U came and gave me a sweet smile just then..
And made the whole lab experience just heaven.

Through the apron's black holes..
Or the assistant's mole..
A simple relationship grew..
How nobody knew..

The ohm's law may be was not that interesting..
But definitely during those days ...
I found a heart so caring.

The botany slides were not that good..
But we tried as much as we could...
And my God every day u were late..
But..ya you were differently made.

May be I spent few moments with you..
Still , I felt all the happiness renewed.
Fate played games with life..
But together with u I learnt the tricks to survive.

Things always didn't go well ..
And times had been a bit cruel...

A day will someday definitely arrive...
To touch ur life success will strive..
The world around would be filled with different weather...
And further ahead there would be nothing to bother.

Blue foamy tides will touch ur soul..
Making u feel... complete as a whole
Sunny rays will shine overhead..
And the dreamy moon will make you sleep on a cozy bed...

All around there would be glitters of smile..
And pain won't be there ...not even for a while..
A somber music will fill your ears..
And wipe away all the past tears..

Blessed u will be with the Heavenly grace...
And life would seem like a dew drop afresh..
The cool raindrops will wash the days of gloom..
And beautiful bright flowers begin to bloom..

Every where just a serene beauty..
And a smile will spread on your face cutey...
And that very day u will feel..
For honest and humble ones...
In this world ...there's a place still.

Dedicated to an old friend of mine...

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