Friday, 5 August 2016

A Life To Live

He : How easy we takes things. And sometimes how we complicate them...
She: ?
He: The way as someone’s or something’s  presence doesn’t even matter for us and at times it becomes the vital link for our existence.
She: Can something that had no importance at all become so special in a moment ?
He: Not in a a flash
She: ! nothing like that has ever happened with me.
He: Ya.... as you haven’t yet arrived at that’s still waiting for you
She: Has it happened with you yet?
He: Of course....
She: How ?
He: You see this....
She: What ?
He: This window...
She:’s just a window.
He : For you. Not for me. Well though there was a time even it was just a window for me. With white grills slanting towards one side. The paint on the panes was not my liking though today it’s the colour that I love most...indigo painting my world blue.
Then things changed...
Yes in a flash..when I was this bed. Left in the company of my senses . My ears that could hear the chatter, the tinkle, the horns, the rustle, the claps, the laughter. My eyes that could see the light blue fading into a darker shade, slowly the orange taking over turning the blanket black. My face drenched with drops wetting my lids with water that flows from the outer as well as the inner world. Even I didn't believe till I faced the very moment right in my eyes and realized this is not just an window but an entire life to live.

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This is my post after a long time of A-Z April 2016 Challenge. thanks to Friday Reflections for bringing in the writer back :) I owe it to you...

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