Monday, 26 May 2014


The day I first acted in my school play I knew an artist was born 
But who understands 
They judge you from what you earn and not what you yearn

But she did and stepped into my life 

Forget about exquisite dinner I could only afford a single room flat in an old apartment where many a times we had to share our food with my entire drama team sitting on the floor


Still , she never complained 

And today on our 10th anniversary I am taking her out for a fun filled vacation to the magnificent sandy beaches of Thailand


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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Magical Fog....

He stood there ,surprised.

Three months and out of the hospital bed even the gentle breeze felt like a blessing.

Flashes of past days crossed his mind reminding him of his daily routine when every day he used to curse the morning fog that settled down on the car’s panes giving him another reason to curse life and it’s maker.

Today ,standing on the wet grass ,feeling it’s  freshness between his bare fingers and touching those tiny drops sparkling on the maple leaves he could hear someone silently speak .

“It’s the magic of nature that anchors these moments……called Life”

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Abandoned I was the day I stepped into this world . Though unaware of the reasons then , now I know . What will a family do with someone who can’t be identified with a gender .

For years I searched and was gifted with mockery that spoofed my existence as a human being but I survived , hoping that life will have it’s own plans and one day it will wash off my moments of anguish rewarding me for all those unnoticed trails of tears that escaped from my lusterless eyes .

Yesterday the highest court honored thousands like me , granting us the right to scribble down our name with our gender , unleashing new doors for a better tomorrow , after all transgenders are human too , aren’t they .


Sunday, 11 May 2014


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She got ready in a black saree as insisted by her daughter .
Though unaware of the occasion she knew something special was waiting for her when the car arrived just in time and dropped her at the famous conference hall of the city .

Received by a smiling girl who took her to a specially reserved seat in the front row .
Still unclear of the occasion she waited eagerly for her daughter to appear who did join in after few minutes as promised over phone .

But the real surprise came when her daughter’s book got released that evening with few words inscribed on the second page “Dedicated to my Mom” . 


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