Monday, 18 November 2013

Lone Tree

Just like a mother bonds to her child ,
 Thoughts get tied to belongings of  mind ,
 The pen and ink cling together ,
 Dirt coheres to foams of lather ,
 Characters make a mystical fable ,
 Tired legs tend to wobble ,
 Letters adhere in pages of a book ,
And pride features in a bold look .

As dark clouds accompany rainy showers ,
Fog gets instilled on morning flowers ,
Warmth imparts even an old rugged coat ,
Thirst quenches an earthen pot .

Let goodness smother my soul ,
Not in part , But as a whole .
Let kind words flow in every utterance ,
Spreading a smile on your face even if once ,
In the darkness of the night when you are scared ,
Be assured that I will be there .
Untie yourself ,
Let concerns go free ,
Coz , I will be waiting along,
To bestow my shade ,
On  barren roads ,
Just like a Lone Tree .

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Times one never wish to see ,
Dreams escaping closed fists ,
And peace on a flee ,
Failure entrapping around ,
Heart wrenching words stinging like a bee .

Times one never wants to feel ,
Reality slowly uncovering ,
Uncasing disguised peels ,
Anger replacing soft emotions ,
Frustration putting back thrills .

Times one always wants to be far ,
Days swabbed in blue ,
Nights a big scare ,
Moments  approaching  like unwelcomed people ,
And matters getting perplexed which ought to be simple .

Times  like this will break in and out ,
People will keep blaming around ,
Affairs may get messy sometimes ,
You may get impeached even without any crime ,

So, What can One do in Times like these ?
Take a deep breath ,
Pray the Almighty .
Let the whole world get dirty or damp ,
Preserve your faith ,
And aflame your soul’s goodness lamp .
Times this will come and go ,
But never let your moral low .

Silver Tan

On starry nights...
When the moon is so bright...
And spreads around ,
The silver tan ,
Open the wings of your imagination ,
And fly across as much as you can .
The world would seem a beautiful place ,
Filled with moments of care ,
Tensions would be far away ,
Only love would be in air .
So , close your eyes ...
And gently lay down on your cozy bed...
As slowly the silver tan of the moon ,
Around spreads....


Friday, 8 November 2013

Magical Morning Poems...

The bright rays say Good bye to the moon ,
A cute silk worm peeps  removing it’s cocoon ,
Life will surely take a new turn ,
If you refreshingly say ...
“Hi” to the sun .

The busy bees get ready for the day ,
A cute white rabbit , starts it’s play ,
The new leaf that was just born ,
Got delighted seeing the ...Magnanimous sun ,
Streets gets amused..hearing news paper horns ,
They all wish you ...
A cheerful Morn .

Through the cloudy sky ,
The golden rays ,
Finally find it’s way .
Till it touches the earth’s green floor ,
Never does it give up .
How may rain drops ...may come down ,
Some day the have to stop.
It’s sends a note ,
In the hands of the beautiful rainbow ,
Just don’t worry ,
Dreams never die ,
With only grows .


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Walking Along....

Walking along the path of life ,
One thing I did realize ,
There will be people  distinct and different ,
Some to lend a hand and some for you to lend .
Some honest and reliable .
Some who are friendly and some amiable .
Some good humored and some sad ,
And there will be few who will make you glad .
Many who will speak  but work less ,
Many who will say their life’s a mess ,
Many who advertise even their new hair cut ,
But few...who will  follow their gut .
Some who will say they stand by you ,
Some who make your happiness renewed ,
Some who share every problem  they have ,
But few who won’t ever let you starve .
Few who will walk that extra mile ,
Few who strain themselves for your smile ,
Few who speak what your mind wants ,
Few who would play rib tickling pranks .
And  Just....
Someone  whose words would soothe your soul ,
Someone with whom ...your Life feels as if on Parole.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

This Life...

Few decades have passed with this life ,
It seems just like the blink of an eye ,
May be some more will pass the same way ,
And the uninvited guest will arrive one day.
Knock the door without waiting for any replies ,
Take with it our dear cherished friend ...Our Life .
Then a new journey will start ,
With new endeavors and new tasks ,
But...the question remains ,
What about the old one ?
Have you honestly treasured it ,
Have you spent it the way you  wanted to ,
Did you strive enough ,
For all your dreams to come true .
Did you love, care, share and hear those faint suppressed voices ,
Confounded in this busy bustling crowd .
If not , then wait ...
Give a moment , Lend a hand ,share a smile and care a little more ,
Coz emotions are countless ,
And there are new rooms to be opened and explored .

Friday, 1 November 2013


Would like to go somewhere ,
Just... with the company of peace .

Far away from the clutches of fate ,
And mockery of people’s masked face ,
Away from the questions ,
And also their unwanted answers ,
Away from the boastful noises and shrills ,
Far from these mysterious thrills .

To a place where a company is not in need ,
Where thy self...would be the best friend indeed ,
Where eyes can see beyond horizons ,
And life would be scaled with bountiful emotions ,
Where persona would not be appraised with success ,
No where...just no where even a pinch of stress.
Where one can smile without worrying for tomorrow ,
Where dreams would be owned ,
And not just borrowed .

Skin & Bones Or Emotions

What Are you made of Skin  &  Bones Or Emotions