Friday, 8 November 2013

Magical Morning Poems...

The bright rays say Good bye to the moon ,
A cute silk worm peeps  removing it’s cocoon ,
Life will surely take a new turn ,
If you refreshingly say ...
“Hi” to the sun .

The busy bees get ready for the day ,
A cute white rabbit , starts it’s play ,
The new leaf that was just born ,
Got delighted seeing the ...Magnanimous sun ,
Streets gets amused..hearing news paper horns ,
They all wish you ...
A cheerful Morn .

Through the cloudy sky ,
The golden rays ,
Finally find it’s way .
Till it touches the earth’s green floor ,
Never does it give up .
How may rain drops ...may come down ,
Some day the have to stop.
It’s sends a note ,
In the hands of the beautiful rainbow ,
Just don’t worry ,
Dreams never die ,
With only grows .


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