Saturday, 2 November 2013

This Life...

Few decades have passed with this life ,
It seems just like the blink of an eye ,
May be some more will pass the same way ,
And the uninvited guest will arrive one day.
Knock the door without waiting for any replies ,
Take with it our dear cherished friend ...Our Life .
Then a new journey will start ,
With new endeavors and new tasks ,
But...the question remains ,
What about the old one ?
Have you honestly treasured it ,
Have you spent it the way you  wanted to ,
Did you strive enough ,
For all your dreams to come true .
Did you love, care, share and hear those faint suppressed voices ,
Confounded in this busy bustling crowd .
If not , then wait ...
Give a moment , Lend a hand ,share a smile and care a little more ,
Coz emotions are countless ,
And there are new rooms to be opened and explored .

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