Thursday, 7 November 2013

Walking Along....

Walking along the path of life ,
One thing I did realize ,
There will be people  distinct and different ,
Some to lend a hand and some for you to lend .
Some honest and reliable .
Some who are friendly and some amiable .
Some good humored and some sad ,
And there will be few who will make you glad .
Many who will speak  but work less ,
Many who will say their life’s a mess ,
Many who advertise even their new hair cut ,
But few...who will  follow their gut .
Some who will say they stand by you ,
Some who make your happiness renewed ,
Some who share every problem  they have ,
But few who won’t ever let you starve .
Few who will walk that extra mile ,
Few who strain themselves for your smile ,
Few who speak what your mind wants ,
Few who would play rib tickling pranks .
And  Just....
Someone  whose words would soothe your soul ,
Someone with whom ...your Life feels as if on Parole.


Do scribble down few words motivates :)

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