Monday, 18 November 2013

Lone Tree

Just like a mother bonds to her child ,
 Thoughts get tied to belongings of  mind ,
 The pen and ink cling together ,
 Dirt coheres to foams of lather ,
 Characters make a mystical fable ,
 Tired legs tend to wobble ,
 Letters adhere in pages of a book ,
And pride features in a bold look .

As dark clouds accompany rainy showers ,
Fog gets instilled on morning flowers ,
Warmth imparts even an old rugged coat ,
Thirst quenches an earthen pot .

Let goodness smother my soul ,
Not in part , But as a whole .
Let kind words flow in every utterance ,
Spreading a smile on your face even if once ,
In the darkness of the night when you are scared ,
Be assured that I will be there .
Untie yourself ,
Let concerns go free ,
Coz , I will be waiting along,
To bestow my shade ,
On  barren roads ,
Just like a Lone Tree .

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