Monday, 4 June 2018

Skin & Bones Or Emotions

Are you made of
Skin  &  Bones


Surrounded we are
End of the Road
We are
All alone.


Spoken unspoken
Numerous thoughts
Few got graved
Few burst
Bridges across
Spoken unspoken
Numerous thoughts.

Thursday, 17 May 2018


That day was like any other day. 
She got ready for her show. 
Closed the door and opened the umbrella to avoid a mild drizzle that had just started. 
Few steps and her path stopped abruptly . Leaving her blank. 
She saw the operation theater for the first time. Couldn’t feel her limbs beneath. 
Though tears trickled down the corners, smile stuck her lips.

Today is again like any other day. 
The stage is set. 
So is she. 
With her favourite pair of ballerinas on wheels. 

Photo :  submitted by Courtney Wright. © Photo

The Stage...

They came,
They entertained,
You laughed,
You clapped,
Raised and Praised,
The crew,
The cast,
Someone who missed your gaze,
Someone who held them all,
The Stage.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

River And The Gravel

The river asked one day,
To gravels beneath,
How do you stay calm as I crush you everyday,
Over riding your land, making you go astray?
Gravel replied,
With the hint of a smile,
To go berserk was my wish,
Over seasons,
As you rushed,
Scared I was to bear humongous load,
When the rushing waters flowed,"
Today as you come,
Lumping down,
I know it's time,
To lower down my crown,
Troubled I am not like yesteryears,
Clouds might have burst tonight for me,
Summers too would knock for my majesty.

Saturday, 5 May 2018


Infiltration was a routine in the territory.
The alert wasn't unexpected.
They waited with bated breath.
For the right moment .
With fingers on the trigger and vision across the stream.

Movements from the other side could be felt.
In a blink of an eye bullets fired through the trees, piercing bodies testing resolve of the team.
Not enough to stop Major Verma to proceed in the dark leading the pack.
Shooting them down before getting shot.
Protecting the land he bows his head down to.

Write up and Pic :  Friday Fictioneers

Friday, 4 May 2018


The sea,
The sky,
Your eyes that stare,
Above the moon,
You and I belong .

Pic : Google Images

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Missing Piece...

Shoulder to lean,
Ears that listen
Expressions gold
Hand to hold
Straightening that awkward crease
Are you someone's
Missing piece...

Where Do You Go....

You run from the world
To the mountain top
When it's not there
Where do you go
You walk through the clouds
Touch the sunshine
If the sun sets
Why do you whine
Everything that starts
Ends someday
All that matters
'Moments' for we pray
You escape from the rain
To hide in shade
Stones they throw
And you beg for a bread
You run from the world
To the mountain top
When it's not there
Where do you go.....

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Smell of Rock Wood

Is the smell of rockwood,
Are the edges of pages,
Feelings that could,
Mind in the mist,
Of turns and twists,
Still was alive,
Did spread again,
Got deepened over,
Filled the evening sombre,
Thoughts got along,
Only got strong,
Grew up we did,
Through the wounds and the bruises,
Always Wins,
Love.....never loses.

Skin & Bones Or Emotions

What Are you made of Skin  &  Bones Or Emotions