Sunday, 24 April 2016


They all came to be with me.
They value me as I value them.
In hot summer or heavy rains they run for shelter, hearing my name.
They tell the world that I am unique.
I need to be saved I need to cared.
Without me they have no existence.
But they forget these the very moment it's needed.
Development turns them blind.
They feel it's a waste to plant me over their valuable land.
they can never deny from my being is their being.


You must to move on,
You must to hold on,
You must to brighten up the sky,
Tie up your boots and get ready to fly.

Thursday, 21 April 2016


I was petrified that night. Scared absolutely to the core. My entire existence was shaken up from the very bottom and I had no idea how to overcome that.
I was at a juncture where I couldn't share this with anyone, not a single soul. I felt it's over for me. Totally. I had nowhere to go and nobody to turn on. How was I going to face it? That was the only question I had in my mind.
The sound of the storm passing by rings in my ears till date. It was on of the most devastating ones of the last decade And I was sure it was the invitation for the dead end.
Surprisingly it was not. There were survivors. And I was one among them. Moving on with time. Overcoming few more. The sound of the passing by wind still scares the shit out of me. But I learnt how to keep my roots strong.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Today no stories, no poetry, no dialogues....I would just  like to share some of my fab quotes with you. The Queen of my posts :)

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A: It was painful....I guess
B: Yes ...much more

A:Then  how did you endure it ? I mean what gave you strength
B: The believe that it’s going to be soon over

A: And your good times will start
B: Hmmm

A: Sometimes I really don’t get it how can someone bear so much pain
B: if a tiny ship can be propelled ahead in a mighty storm, then why can’t we.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Arvind : "I used to speak a lot earlier"
Sikha:    "And then what happened, you changed" 

Arvind:  "No I observed more, spoke less" 
Sikha:    "And it helped you"

Arvind : "Yes, I learnt more"
Sikha:    "How"

"It turned me into an owl" Arvind said finally with a blink in his eye and a curve on his lips.

Monday, 18 April 2016


What's in a name,
They say,
just like another game,
they say,
you or me,
does that matter,
it's all over,
and scattered,
may start with a or n,
they say what's in a name,
it's your identity,
it's only your's,
but what to do when someone,
else's shares,
it may be good,
it may be bad,
you may like it,
you may be sad,
it's true,
what they say,
it's not in your name

Friday, 15 April 2016


“Are you sure about this?”
“ Don’t you think it’s too early for such a step. It’s not an easy world out there, they would thrash you  to the ground, one small mistake and it’s over.”

“This is what most of us hear just before taking a bold step coz the world never wants us to take it.“ 

“But remember the world also thrives on bold steps, so if you can, then you must” said my professor and ended his last lecture with a thunderous applause .

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Thursday, 14 April 2016


Have you lost your mind, Arunab said in a high pitched tone. 
His face frowning red as if a volcano was just about to get burst. He was surprised, irritated, agitated as well as furious at the same time, rather he wasn’t able to comprehend what exactly he was feeling.

But Geeti was calm,completely calm, as if nothing had happened. 
And in soft, stable but confident tone she replied “ No”.....”I just found it”

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


A: Do you know?
B: What?
A: How to do this?
B: No
A: Then how did you even think...
B: Think what?
A: That you can...
B: Yes I did think...
A: Without even an ounce of knowledge !
B: Yes, without even an ounce
A: That’s laughable....
B: It may be for you, but not for me coz at least I know that I can and I will learn it soon.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I hung on for a glimpse of her. Fresh, subtle, soothing dabbed with dew she arrived everyday just before I got ready for school. 

Neither the morning breakfast nor did granny’s scoldings could dissuade me from leaping over the balcony.

Today when I look back and remember those days, I laugh at myself.

Still she ties me with her even today and  I fall over again, for my beloved Jasmine.

Monday, 11 April 2016


A: “I just want to get out of this”
B: “Why?”
A: “Because it’s too much to handle now”
B: “What?”
A: “The’s  building up”
B: “How?”
A: “ know has no end”
B: “But you can avert them”
A: “How?”
B: “By simple modifications”
A: “In what?”
B: “In your image”
A: “Why?”
B: “Coz that’s gonna get you out of this”

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Saturday, 9 April 2016


I wasn’t that tall, you know...I mean I have never been considered to be tall.

Well, I wasn’t mocked around much but a sense of displeasure did persist among my family members for not matching up with their genes. Most of them were considered to be the blessed ones and yes they never forgot to sympathize with me. 
But that made me more vulnerable till I joined civil engineering at one of the premier institutes of the state and successfully escaped their clutches.

Today, when I was being awarded for designing the tallest dam of the state, nobody just forgot to take pride of their genes.

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Friday, 8 April 2016


X : “Don’t think it’s just a gamble ?”
Y: “Gamble....of what ?”
X:“Well....of everything”
Y: “Be specific”
X: “Specific about what?”                                                       
Y;“About what you are trying to say”
X: “I was just....trying to....”
Y:“Trying what....?”
X: “To say that...”
Y: “Yes....”
X: “That is...
Y: “It is....”
X: “Gamble...”
Y: “’s gamble”
X: “Everything is then a....”
Y: “Yes...everything is a.....”

X: “Gamble!”

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Thursday, 7 April 2016


It wasn’t a big one nor was it small,
But ,
It was perfect according to her.
It behold within itself her wishes, her demands,
The decoration wasn’t grand just adorned in marigold garlands.
They may ask why,
What is the need,
Shouldn’t you be happy, here instead,
Always there aren’t justifications,
Neither there can be logic,
Coz everyone won’t understand that dreams have the power of magic,
And here it was her dream,
A long awaited one,
That may not get a 9 out of 10 in score,
But ,
It was her new home,
On the third floor.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


“Many a times, things in life seem so complicated that we aren’t able to arrive at a conclusion”. This was going on inside Isha’s mind over and over again.

The bustling coffee shop added more to the complexity,.
“Is there a single peaceful place left in this world?” she thought and that’s when a guy walked in adorning a dark green tee inscribed “I can stay away from you but can’t stay away from you”.

Right then and right there emerged a solution out of all confusions.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016


The night was dark and so was the mind,filled with murkiness vibrating gloom.
They say it’s the darkest before the sunshine.Yet it has been years since darkness engulfed Asmit’s life and there has been no signs of approaching sunshine.

Yesterday was the worst, when the owner dashed the vessel on the floor, it wasn’t just his skin that got charred but also his heart that burnt the very moment.

But yes, whatever they say is true as after few glasses, the crook had as usual forgotten the keys and though not for the first time but sunshine did knock at Asmit’s door.

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Monday, 4 April 2016


She was silent, taken aback by the sudden turn of events.
People who seemed to be her friends turned foes overnight. 

All her hard work would have gone in vain if it wasn’t for the honest assistant who had saved all her work in a separate file.                            

 “There’s no point lamenting dear “ said her senior, coz that’s how the world is.   

 It’s not dangerous to be with known serpents but to be among chameleons camouflaged as friends.

Saturday, 2 April 2016



“I am safe. Do not worry. Take care dear. Bye” he had messaged the same morning after  the twin attacks.

Happiness embraced me the very moment when he declared his project is soon going to be over by next month. 
Our four month old chuckled in joy as if waiting to hug his daddy dear for the first time.

The news channels kept on roaring about the twin blasts engulfing the city with smoke.  

And I wondered about those who never got the chance to bid even goodbye.

Friday, 1 April 2016


Samresh, Siraj, Swati, Shameena....Shameena ...The teacher called and raised up his face from the attendance register for a quick glance of the fourth row and regained his posture for completing his task again.

It was the seventh day of Shameena’s absence.     
And seventh since the riots.

Drops of fear settled on Maitree’s forehead though a small hope popped up  it’s head signaling the absence of her best friend temporary and saying that only Shameena not Swati is going to fill that place again.

“Present Sir” ringed a voice from the door, the entire class turned their heads to one side, to the side that stumbles through every obstacle, through every barrier, through every impediment and stands strongly on faith, the faith that is for nothing else but to build up a bright future for one self.

My first post for the A-Z Challenge 2016.
This will be my third consecutive year at A-Z Challenge. My fab blogging event ever. Hope you like my posts.
Wishing another busy month of April to all our blogger friends. Enjoy :)

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