Saturday, 2 April 2016



“I am safe. Do not worry. Take care dear. Bye” he had messaged the same morning after  the twin attacks.

Happiness embraced me the very moment when he declared his project is soon going to be over by next month. 
Our four month old chuckled in joy as if waiting to hug his daddy dear for the first time.

The news channels kept on roaring about the twin blasts engulfing the city with smoke.  

And I wondered about those who never got the chance to bid even goodbye.


  1. Such powerful memories in just five sentences. Thanks for sharing.

    Maria from
    Vancity Girlfriends
    Coupon Chef

  2. Gosh! It's comforting that they at least got to say bye... but devastating and tragic nevertheless!

  3. Oh yes, so heartbreaking. For some reason, the calls and voicemails where they said goodbye and that they weren't going to make it upset me more, though. I know it gives a feeling of closure, but wow, they're so hard to think about.

  4. It tears the heart when we can't say bye to each other and there are many souls like that. Very well penned, Doc.

  5. Ouch! That really hurt..
    and the quote above is so true Sushree..
    It's really painful to see people say goodbye, without giving a reason!


  6. I wonder too. We will think about them for ever more. So poignant.

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