Thursday, 21 April 2016


I was petrified that night. Scared absolutely to the core. My entire existence was shaken up from the very bottom and I had no idea how to overcome that.
I was at a juncture where I couldn't share this with anyone, not a single soul. I felt it's over for me. Totally. I had nowhere to go and nobody to turn on. How was I going to face it? That was the only question I had in my mind.
The sound of the storm passing by rings in my ears till date. It was on of the most devastating ones of the last decade And I was sure it was the invitation for the dead end.
Surprisingly it was not. There were survivors. And I was one among them. Moving on with time. Overcoming few more. The sound of the passing by wind still scares the shit out of me. But I learnt how to keep my roots strong.

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  1. Doc, there is so much power in your words that moves the soul and heart. Facing such a disaster can kill someone at every nano second. Simply brilliant stuff:)


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