Friday, 1 April 2016


Samresh, Siraj, Swati, Shameena....Shameena ...The teacher called and raised up his face from the attendance register for a quick glance of the fourth row and regained his posture for completing his task again.

It was the seventh day of Shameena’s absence.     
And seventh since the riots.

Drops of fear settled on Maitree’s forehead though a small hope popped up  it’s head signaling the absence of her best friend temporary and saying that only Shameena not Swati is going to fill that place again.

“Present Sir” ringed a voice from the door, the entire class turned their heads to one side, to the side that stumbles through every obstacle, through every barrier, through every impediment and stands strongly on faith, the faith that is for nothing else but to build up a bright future for one self.

My first post for the A-Z Challenge 2016.
This will be my third consecutive year at A-Z Challenge. My fab blogging event ever. Hope you like my posts.
Wishing another busy month of April to all our blogger friends. Enjoy :)


  1. Kudos to her spirit!! We need more like her!! :)

  2. Equal education opportunity for one and all! I came across your blog through A to Z, and I am glad I did! :)

    All the best for this year!

  3. Brave spirited girl she must be.. It's always the innocent ones, who have to pay the price for every disaster that takes place..


  4. A warm and beautiful story. Faith can help take leaps!!!

    @w0rds4u from As Time Flies

  5. How powerful, Doc:) It's about triumph and the belief in the tool of education for change.

  6. Sushree,

    Congratulations on your 3rd year of taking this challenge.
    I enjoyed your story and will be back to see more.


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