Friday, 1 January 2016

Breaking the Logjam

The last post i had written was about four months back. And I know it's an awful thing to do. Though everyday I itched to get back to writing , somehow it wasn't becoming possible a sometimes as docs work life gets really demading. I used to curse myself for not being able to do that. For not visiting my fab blogger's posts nor penning down one myself. But today I decided to do so. Finally to break the logjam.
Writing has been and will always be that special part which can not be replaced by anything else, just anything. Though I have read quite a few good books, atleast that's a compensation.
The year 2015 had been a year of learning for me. Learning new skills, having new experiences, understanding life a bit more, trying a bit harder every time I fail and realising that there's nothing that can replace hard work. It has been a year of achievements as well as dissapointments.
I set foot on few things and withdrew from few. Have seen a side I never thought I would. But yes it has been a great year of Learning. That I can say for sure.
How much people try to show us how messed up or complicated or tricky Life is right now, it's always upto us how we take it. How we handle situations. How we never give up. How we get along with deviations or distractions and still stand by our beliefs.
This year has sprinkled moments of wisdom. That made me realise.............

* Patience is the key to most of the locks in this world.
* Situations aren't as complicated as they seem to be
* Never stop believing in yourself.
* Think before you speak              and most importantly
* Take care of everyone but never ignore yourself :)

Hoping to get back to blogging with this post. Welcome 2016 :)

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  1. Happy New Year, Doc and what a beautiful post to read at the start of the year. May you find happiness in every moment and keep writing. Yo!


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