Thursday, 27 February 2014

What Do You Think ....

        "This post is for Write Tribe's Festival of Words Day 7....Theme Woman "


When you abandon me ,
In a dustbin ,
What do you think ,
Where would I go ,
To an orphanage or a burial ground ,
Or get adopted by a kind soul ,
Who unlike others wouldn’t  ignore my wailing sound .
When I grow up ,
What do you think ,
Where would I go ,
To a girl’s school or a co-ed one ,
 Public or private owned ,
As you have to save for your upcoming new born .
What do you think ,
About the next stop ,
Coz I have dreamt enough ,
With eyes dabbed in hope ,
To climb those coveted stairs ,
Displaying my flawless flair ,
For everything under the sun ,
Bestowed up with some crazy fun .
I know you must be worried ,
Now just too much ,
As a suitable guy  you have to search ,
What do you think  ,
Whom would I choose ,
Someone who cares for me ,
Or  preferred by the society .
If anything goes wrong ,
And again I am abandoned ,
What do you think ,
What would I do ,
Withstand every storm ,
Or get marooned .
I won’t ask again what do you think ,
As over the years , I connected those missing links ,
Which taught me  each time ,
To be patient and kind ,
But not ignoring the feelings of my mind ,
Which learned me to take every one’s care ,
But not snubbing off my success stairs ,
Which asked me to understand those hidden emotions ,
But exampled too to never brush off my intuitions ,
Which reminded me that I am a girl ,
Whose life moves on in an unexpected whirl ,
But also needed  me to know my worth ,
Coz tomorrow again if I give birth ,
To someone ,
For the people around ,
Who may not be a mirth ,
What do you think ,
Where would she go ,
Would she fight back or just stay low ,
Would she get everything deserves ,
Or simply be a privileged preserve .
What do you think ,
What would she wish to be ,
To accept the predefined path ,
Or battle for her destiny .

Monday, 24 February 2014

The Intruder....

    The gap was evidently visible . Giving a silent undeclared invitation . It wasn’t good to sneak into someone’s room .But yes ,it was desirable . First he took a careful look around . Dismissing anyone’s presence ,he barged in . Slowly with his hands held tight to the window pane ,he stabilized himself . The muscles of his hands twitched . Expelling out a short warm breath from within . Few drops of sweat clung to his forehead displaying the tension inside . Having his hands held steady by now he firmed his legs . Trying to maintain his poise just like an aggrieved soldier on the frontier . The wind started to blow by .Clouds clashed together. Bringing down rain drops with it . The coldness of the drops touched his skin and spread a shiver . He started to curse the almighty for being so irresponsible just for him all the time . Not even caring, not even bothering a single day .
Each time whenever he ventured for a new task , his life seemed like a bane . Miseries all around. With filth grunge and stain everywhere peace seems to have taken a toll . Surviving one more day seemed like a challenge . In this competitive world it wasn’t easy to find an engagement . Every young professional came up with some extra qualification . To leave the peer blank faced. Forget about the seniors. The less we talk the better . But whatever it is , life is all about survival of the fittest . And we have to continue this fight . Irrespective of our luck . Irrespective of our fate . So today ,here he was to continue his journey of survival again . If not for long ,at least one more day . To fulfill his needs . Coz nothing in this world is more dangerous than the pangs of hunger . They bite you , they burn you , they sting you , they pierce you . But they won’t let you escape . From their closed fists of rage . Unless you pacify them ,nothing else seems possible .
                Before it gets too dark . Before it gets too late . And before the windows finally shut down . Ignoring the twitching pain , he squeezed himself inside . That small gap was too alluring to be brushed off. Pulling himself part by part inside when he finally reached , he could sense a relief within . Of having overcome half of this intriguing task . Now the second half was left . Of searching for the victim . His eyes rolled around . Scanning every nook of the room . But nobody was seen . He bolted his lips in silence . Hiding in a secure place , he just waited for the right moments . For his victim to approach .
           With no time loss she arrived . He could hear the advancing footsteps . As they came closer his desire knew no bounds . They coerced him to take the plunge . To bite her gentle skin and satisfy the crave within . She sat down on her chair unaware of the savage intruder . Settling down slowly she started working on her lap top. When suddenly someone from behind dived in . A peculiar pain impinged her skin . Getting disturbed and perplexed she stood up fiercely and turned back . Seeing him in his old attire a disgust spread across her face . Lines of irritation could clearly be seen . But he was also adamant not wanting to give up . He flung with all his might . She also fought back . The duo continued to overpower each other . Once he and then she . Finally .…Bang , with a blow , it all ended . The journey ,the survival , the everyday battles , the life . In pale blanch lifeless manner the slain mosquito lay dead on the floor .

Sunday, 23 February 2014

It Isn't...

It isn’t a sin to sell your body ,
But to trade your soul ,
It isn’t a mistake to ignore the world ,
But ignoring someone’s role .
It isn’t a blunder to ask for favors ,
But denying it to somebody in need ,
It isn’t a fault  enjoying in pub ,
But snubbing your wife instead .
It isn’t an error to cry forever ,
But doing it for the wrong one ,
It isn’t a goof to snap off ties ,
But making it a smart plan .
Nothing in this world is a sin in itself ,
But only if you think it to be ,
Coz human life isn’t just about the body ,
But a virtuous heart instead .


Monday, 17 February 2014

Writer Finds ....Solace

When sentiments run high ,
And vocabulary low ,
When feelings subside ,
And the pace seems slow ,
Emotions get subsided ,
And continues  an erratic flow .

Open a blank page ,
Filling it up with words ,
Of every form and kind ,
Connecting flimsy strands .

Build up new grounds ,
For characters to spring up ,
Conveying what you can’t ,
Bestowing new hope ,
Slowly when they proceed to their destined end ,
A happiness spreads across ,
As nothing else you intend .
Far from the hype and hoopla ,
In some corner of mother earth ,
On a plain white paper ,
A Writer finds Solace….

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Never Wanna Lose You...

[ This is a short story written in form of poetry about a working couple who live in different cities because of their professional obligations but try hard to keep their relationship steady irrespective of the challenges they face . ]

I don’t speak much and just ask you to  ,
As words with me are very few ,
Every morning when you wake me up ,
I wish the clock stops it’s ticktock ,
As I carve to hear your soft  voice ,
Freshened with emotions ,
And honeyed with love .
But , alas I need to rush downstairs ,
Or else I would miss the bus approaching in pairs ,
Where  literally I scramble for a seat ,
Achieving it  , makes my mood upbeat ,
If luckily ever I chance upon a window one ,
The mild breeze brings your memories with them ,
Filling my heart and soul with your thoughts ,
Slowly as I start getting engulfed ,
I think someone’s jealous …and that’s the driver as he honks ,
In random  absurd and crude manner ,
Coercing me to get down soon ,
And stop dreaming about our date …beneath the lovely moon ,
Dragging my feet I reach for the door ,
Running like a champion to reach my space ,
That has given me ,my worth deserving place ,
Tying all day on the computer screen ,
Don’t think sweet heart I have gotten mean ,
It’s so true that I don’t find time ,
To dial your number expressing my mind ,
Still every time when I pause for a moment ,
It’s your smile that melts away my laments ,
Every time when you remember my name ,
Those logical coding goes wrong in my brain ,
After the dusk as I come back ,
I wish you were with me , waiting in the flat ,
It’s ok..I manage thinking of you ,
 Eagerly expecting  your calls with  smiles renewed ,
But …if there’s some change in this routine ,
My heart escapes a beat within ,
Random thoughts occupy the psyche ,
Scarring me to hell  , restiveness takes a hype ,
A million times I check the phone’s screen ,
Praying lord for all signals to go green ,
Perplexed baffled dumbfounded I become ,
Hoping that nothing happens to my love ,
Wishing every second that you receive the call ,
And I get to hear your angelic voice my gal ,
I die a numerous times till you say ,
It’s  fine dear , things haven’t gone astray ,
I thank  the Almighty for just being there ,
And bestowing on us his unseen care ,
I may not say it as often as you do ,
But do believe me dear …. I never wanna lose you .

Friday, 14 February 2014

Hesitant Steps....


Hesitant Steps ,
Quickened heart beats ,
With fear in her heart she crossed that busy street ,
Dressed up in white ,
Adorning a smile bright ,
She tried to hide her concerns ,
Of having come this far ,
Believing being guided by her lucky star .
As she stepped down the stairs ,
To make a new move ,
Her eyes met His ,
Interlacing  young dreams to get wove.
Leaning against the column ,
He too stepped aside ,
Signifying his actions of making a novel stride .
For seconds  when their vision ,
Got  glued with one another ,
Not words but silence ,
Just blended together .
Those moments of speechlessness ,
Expressed what they could ,
In a crowded platform ,
Leaving the two hearts marooned .
Slowly with passing times ,
Their emotions resembled famous  fables ,
Intended of being together ,
In spite of worldly wobbles .
Decades passed on and days were gone ,
Sometimes filled with roses ,
And sometimes swabbed in stones .
Life hasn’t always painted a rosy picture delight ,
Neither have been all mornings a bright ray of sunlight .
It had it’s own share of every right and wrong ,
But something that didn’t change ,
Is the trust that stood strong .
Which leaves them stranded ,
Even today at this age ,
In a solitary island or a crowded place .
Holding her wrinkled hands ,
Sitting by her side ,
He looked in the same manner ,
Into her deep pristine eyes ,
Feeling  her breaths escape ,
In that white gown’s crease .
He traveled  back to those days ,
When her face was blemish free .
Slowly as he watched ,
Life escaping closed fists ,
He wanted to bestow her with innumerable lovely gifts .
But again this time he couldn’t ,
And tightened his lips in silence .
Thanking her for coming ,
With him till today so far ,
Having overcome her fears ,
And believing in that star .
After she was gone ,
Like a little child he just wept ,
Coz decades ago for him ,
She had taken that Hesitant Step .


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