Sunday, 23 February 2014

It Isn't...

It isn’t a sin to sell your body ,
But to trade your soul ,
It isn’t a mistake to ignore the world ,
But ignoring someone’s role .
It isn’t a blunder to ask for favors ,
But denying it to somebody in need ,
It isn’t a fault  enjoying in pub ,
But snubbing your wife instead .
It isn’t an error to cry forever ,
But doing it for the wrong one ,
It isn’t a goof to snap off ties ,
But making it a smart plan .
Nothing in this world is a sin in itself ,
But only if you think it to be ,
Coz human life isn’t just about the body ,
But a virtuous heart instead .



  1. Awww.. very touching. Came to your blog via IndiVine.

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