Friday, 14 February 2014

Hesitant Steps....


Hesitant Steps ,
Quickened heart beats ,
With fear in her heart she crossed that busy street ,
Dressed up in white ,
Adorning a smile bright ,
She tried to hide her concerns ,
Of having come this far ,
Believing being guided by her lucky star .
As she stepped down the stairs ,
To make a new move ,
Her eyes met His ,
Interlacing  young dreams to get wove.
Leaning against the column ,
He too stepped aside ,
Signifying his actions of making a novel stride .
For seconds  when their vision ,
Got  glued with one another ,
Not words but silence ,
Just blended together .
Those moments of speechlessness ,
Expressed what they could ,
In a crowded platform ,
Leaving the two hearts marooned .
Slowly with passing times ,
Their emotions resembled famous  fables ,
Intended of being together ,
In spite of worldly wobbles .
Decades passed on and days were gone ,
Sometimes filled with roses ,
And sometimes swabbed in stones .
Life hasn’t always painted a rosy picture delight ,
Neither have been all mornings a bright ray of sunlight .
It had it’s own share of every right and wrong ,
But something that didn’t change ,
Is the trust that stood strong .
Which leaves them stranded ,
Even today at this age ,
In a solitary island or a crowded place .
Holding her wrinkled hands ,
Sitting by her side ,
He looked in the same manner ,
Into her deep pristine eyes ,
Feeling  her breaths escape ,
In that white gown’s crease .
He traveled  back to those days ,
When her face was blemish free .
Slowly as he watched ,
Life escaping closed fists ,
He wanted to bestow her with innumerable lovely gifts .
But again this time he couldn’t ,
And tightened his lips in silence .
Thanking her for coming ,
With him till today so far ,
Having overcome her fears ,
And believing in that star .
After she was gone ,
Like a little child he just wept ,
Coz decades ago for him ,
She had taken that Hesitant Step .



  1. This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  2. Thank you so much ... Team BlogAdda :) I feel elated :)

  3. Lovely poem. True love needs trust. The couple is together till death snatches away one partner...

  4. Thanks a lot ....Anita :) Trust is the invisible strand that binds two hearts....

  5. It's an amazing a poem from a Doc.....I loved everything about this poem...the gentle flow of words, the rhythm , the emotions, the passion, a wonderful feeling and a thought of being together till the last breath... Awesome !! Great piece of Work...

    Rgds, Vaishali

  6. Thank You so much ...Vaishali :) The greatest reward for a poet/writer is when someone else understands the emotions hidden behind the words ....

  7. O this poem is so cute.. the rhyme and the story that it narrates.. I loved every single line of it..


    1. Thanks a lot Geet for the lovely comment :) Seeing your comment made me read it again...


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