Tuesday, 7 January 2014

If Ever Someday....

If ever someday you feel  lone ,
Till the horizons it’s just you and no one ,
A vacuumed silence  prevails all around ,
Up in the high skies and deep beneath the ground .

If ever someday you stumble upon ,
 With any rock or sharp thorn ,
When an unsounded scream escapes your heart ,
Not just you but it’s me who gets hurt .

If ever someday you think  you can’t carry on ,
Circumstances are pulling you back ,
It’s hectic to move on ,
Put the step forward ,
Coz I will be there ,
To hold your hands and gift you with care ,
To let you fly with your wings trudged in air ,
To relieve your mind of all nightmares  .
To help you get rid of unwanted errands ,
To wash away those old painful strands ,
To aid you in building new , reinforced dreams ,
To giggle you up , watching cartoon films .
To bring back memories of  those lost childhood days ,
To ward off the moments of laze .
To wake you up with refreshing chirps ,
To walk with you on adventurous trips .

If ever someday  you feel lost ,
In this big bad world ,
If not someone else , then it will be me ,
On whom you can trust .

If ever someday you feel lone ,
Till the horizon’s it’s you and no one ,
Don’t worry dear …I will be there ,
To avert the vacuumed silence prevailing around ,
Up in the high skies and deep beneath the ground .
If ever someday….

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