Thursday, 27 February 2014

What Do You Think ....

        "This post is for Write Tribe's Festival of Words Day 7....Theme Woman "


When you abandon me ,
In a dustbin ,
What do you think ,
Where would I go ,
To an orphanage or a burial ground ,
Or get adopted by a kind soul ,
Who unlike others wouldn’t  ignore my wailing sound .
When I grow up ,
What do you think ,
Where would I go ,
To a girl’s school or a co-ed one ,
 Public or private owned ,
As you have to save for your upcoming new born .
What do you think ,
About the next stop ,
Coz I have dreamt enough ,
With eyes dabbed in hope ,
To climb those coveted stairs ,
Displaying my flawless flair ,
For everything under the sun ,
Bestowed up with some crazy fun .
I know you must be worried ,
Now just too much ,
As a suitable guy  you have to search ,
What do you think  ,
Whom would I choose ,
Someone who cares for me ,
Or  preferred by the society .
If anything goes wrong ,
And again I am abandoned ,
What do you think ,
What would I do ,
Withstand every storm ,
Or get marooned .
I won’t ask again what do you think ,
As over the years , I connected those missing links ,
Which taught me  each time ,
To be patient and kind ,
But not ignoring the feelings of my mind ,
Which learned me to take every one’s care ,
But not snubbing off my success stairs ,
Which asked me to understand those hidden emotions ,
But exampled too to never brush off my intuitions ,
Which reminded me that I am a girl ,
Whose life moves on in an unexpected whirl ,
But also needed  me to know my worth ,
Coz tomorrow again if I give birth ,
To someone ,
For the people around ,
Who may not be a mirth ,
What do you think ,
Where would she go ,
Would she fight back or just stay low ,
Would she get everything deserves ,
Or simply be a privileged preserve .
What do you think ,
What would she wish to be ,
To accept the predefined path ,
Or battle for her destiny .


  1. Had written this poetry few days back ....thought of sharing with everyone on this Woman's Day ....Hope the future brings in more opportunity and hope for every woman out there as she steps into this world of ours .....HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY :)

  2. So profound, Sushree ! Here in the UAE, instances of children being abandoned in cloth bundles on the road and in some malls are being reported for the past 10 to 20's so shocking.... abandoning girls happens in India too.... and the thoughts that you've spoken of here...really chilling ! Heart touching post !

    1. Don't when will these such shameful acts stop and when will a girl child be not considered a burden :(

  3. Replies
    1. Thank You :) I am glad that you liked it....

  4. so intimidating,very true,profound and touching.happy women's day dxbnidblog

  5.'s better now, but we have to fight the good fight.

  6. Ha it is a very sad state of affairs Poor girls East, West, North or South ,they are exploited every where.

  7. Are baby boys abandoned? No , it's their 'favourable ' gender that finds a place in everybody's heart while a girl child is dumped as if she is food for the rats. It angers me to know that its the mother who abandons her baby.

  8. Touching post and it saddens once to see parents abandoning an innocent baby. I wonder why parents have babies if they can't afford. It's tragic.

  9. The girl child fights to survive from her mother's womb itself and if she is lucky enough to be born, she has to fight to live daily, in different ways. She is becoming stronger everyday and bringing about a change in society's thinking, slowly.


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