Monday, 24 February 2014

The Intruder....

    The gap was evidently visible . Giving a silent undeclared invitation . It wasn’t good to sneak into someone’s room .But yes ,it was desirable . First he took a careful look around . Dismissing anyone’s presence ,he barged in . Slowly with his hands held tight to the window pane ,he stabilized himself . The muscles of his hands twitched . Expelling out a short warm breath from within . Few drops of sweat clung to his forehead displaying the tension inside . Having his hands held steady by now he firmed his legs . Trying to maintain his poise just like an aggrieved soldier on the frontier . The wind started to blow by .Clouds clashed together. Bringing down rain drops with it . The coldness of the drops touched his skin and spread a shiver . He started to curse the almighty for being so irresponsible just for him all the time . Not even caring, not even bothering a single day .
Each time whenever he ventured for a new task , his life seemed like a bane . Miseries all around. With filth grunge and stain everywhere peace seems to have taken a toll . Surviving one more day seemed like a challenge . In this competitive world it wasn’t easy to find an engagement . Every young professional came up with some extra qualification . To leave the peer blank faced. Forget about the seniors. The less we talk the better . But whatever it is , life is all about survival of the fittest . And we have to continue this fight . Irrespective of our luck . Irrespective of our fate . So today ,here he was to continue his journey of survival again . If not for long ,at least one more day . To fulfill his needs . Coz nothing in this world is more dangerous than the pangs of hunger . They bite you , they burn you , they sting you , they pierce you . But they won’t let you escape . From their closed fists of rage . Unless you pacify them ,nothing else seems possible .
                Before it gets too dark . Before it gets too late . And before the windows finally shut down . Ignoring the twitching pain , he squeezed himself inside . That small gap was too alluring to be brushed off. Pulling himself part by part inside when he finally reached , he could sense a relief within . Of having overcome half of this intriguing task . Now the second half was left . Of searching for the victim . His eyes rolled around . Scanning every nook of the room . But nobody was seen . He bolted his lips in silence . Hiding in a secure place , he just waited for the right moments . For his victim to approach .
           With no time loss she arrived . He could hear the advancing footsteps . As they came closer his desire knew no bounds . They coerced him to take the plunge . To bite her gentle skin and satisfy the crave within . She sat down on her chair unaware of the savage intruder . Settling down slowly she started working on her lap top. When suddenly someone from behind dived in . A peculiar pain impinged her skin . Getting disturbed and perplexed she stood up fiercely and turned back . Seeing him in his old attire a disgust spread across her face . Lines of irritation could clearly be seen . But he was also adamant not wanting to give up . He flung with all his might . She also fought back . The duo continued to overpower each other . Once he and then she . Finally .…Bang , with a blow , it all ended . The journey ,the survival , the everyday battles , the life . In pale blanch lifeless manner the slain mosquito lay dead on the floor .


  1. This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  2. Thank you so much BlogAdda :) I feel so happy :)

  3. Interesting post..last twist was just awesome . :) :)

  4. Thanks a lot ...Dandelions In Wind :) Beautiful Name ....


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