Sunday, 16 February 2014

Never Wanna Lose You...

[ This is a short story written in form of poetry about a working couple who live in different cities because of their professional obligations but try hard to keep their relationship steady irrespective of the challenges they face . ]

I don’t speak much and just ask you to  ,
As words with me are very few ,
Every morning when you wake me up ,
I wish the clock stops it’s ticktock ,
As I carve to hear your soft  voice ,
Freshened with emotions ,
And honeyed with love .
But , alas I need to rush downstairs ,
Or else I would miss the bus approaching in pairs ,
Where  literally I scramble for a seat ,
Achieving it  , makes my mood upbeat ,
If luckily ever I chance upon a window one ,
The mild breeze brings your memories with them ,
Filling my heart and soul with your thoughts ,
Slowly as I start getting engulfed ,
I think someone’s jealous …and that’s the driver as he honks ,
In random  absurd and crude manner ,
Coercing me to get down soon ,
And stop dreaming about our date …beneath the lovely moon ,
Dragging my feet I reach for the door ,
Running like a champion to reach my space ,
That has given me ,my worth deserving place ,
Tying all day on the computer screen ,
Don’t think sweet heart I have gotten mean ,
It’s so true that I don’t find time ,
To dial your number expressing my mind ,
Still every time when I pause for a moment ,
It’s your smile that melts away my laments ,
Every time when you remember my name ,
Those logical coding goes wrong in my brain ,
After the dusk as I come back ,
I wish you were with me , waiting in the flat ,
It’s ok..I manage thinking of you ,
 Eagerly expecting  your calls with  smiles renewed ,
But …if there’s some change in this routine ,
My heart escapes a beat within ,
Random thoughts occupy the psyche ,
Scarring me to hell  , restiveness takes a hype ,
A million times I check the phone’s screen ,
Praying lord for all signals to go green ,
Perplexed baffled dumbfounded I become ,
Hoping that nothing happens to my love ,
Wishing every second that you receive the call ,
And I get to hear your angelic voice my gal ,
I die a numerous times till you say ,
It’s  fine dear , things haven’t gone astray ,
I thank  the Almighty for just being there ,
And bestowing on us his unseen care ,
I may not say it as often as you do ,
But do believe me dear …. I never wanna lose you .


Do scribble down few words motivates :)

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