Monday, 1 April 2019


I stood in front of the door with fingers gently pressed on the door bell.
A thousand thoughts ran their way inside my mind.
Little drops of perspiration settled on my forehead.
The door bell wasn't pressed yet. I heard her voice from the backyard calling Sambhu to come to the door and have a look.
She was informed that I will be reaching today . Though not by me.
Tangy smell of freshly cooked fish filled the air.
I gave a pause to the thoughts and finally pressed my fingers hard. I am not used to pressing the bell here as the door used to be open all the while earlier.
Yes, things change and so do people.

I could hear her voice more clearly this time in a louder tone.
Sambhu's approaching foot steps gave me the final reminder to check myself in the phone's screen.
I was dying to see her, perplexed to face.
The door opened with a strong screeching noise same as yesteryears.
Brown shades have gotten darker displaying the effect of age not just on my hair but also on it's body. Something that hasn't aged with us are the white paintings drawn.

Sambhu gives a big rotten teeth smile that lifts my mood up. He takes the luggage from my hand handing me over a copper tumbler to wash my feet. Some traditions aren't meant to be questioned.
Like an obedient kid I take my blue striped shoes off and pour water over my tanned feet.
Sprinkle water over my face too. Pour the rest near the coconut trees bending like a dancer. It stands as a witness to the joys and sorrows of the courtyard that begins as we step in and ends as we step out.

I take a step inside carefully placing my feet not to get bitten by those red ants busy carrying food for the rains.
As my eyes go around all the rooms surrounding the courtyard , I slowly walk across crossing the side wall that makes way for the kitchen.
There she is wrapped in white. Covered from head to toe. Blowing the chullah making the fire burn stronger.
As I tip toe trying to give her a surprise, she turns. Her eyes catch mine. Radiant smile spreads across our faces as I hug her tight.

It feels she's still there . " Granny" I mumble and wake up. I see her in my dreams again.
Check my phone . Still few more hours before I get ready for the airport.

It's been a decade I have lost her. Still I miss her every single day unlike her sons and daughters who love to fight over the landed property rights and forgot to love her too.

It's her 10th anniversary. So, the entire family is coming along . Not to pray but to prey on what her husband has left behind.

* To be continued

N.B : Finally after a gap of 2 years I am back at the A-Z Challenge 2019 :)
Hope you like the write up..stay tuned for more . Happy Blogging :)


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  1. Yay for coming back to the A to Z challenge! I always find it to be so much fun. Hope it's a good month for you!

    Isa-Lee Wolf

    A Bit 2 Read

  2. Incredible description! You had me hanging on every word. Glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge.

  3. That last line, though... o.o Wow. That was powerful.


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