Sunday, 22 September 2013


Standing on the ploughed fields...
I wish to see a dream,
A land of hope and aspirations
Taking me away with them..

Feeling the tiny drops of rain on my unpampered hands,
I used to think what life would be apart from these daily errands.
As the light blue creature whistles by on old rusten tracks,
Where would it be heading inquisitive heart asked.

Will ever the blue skies invite me,
To take a ride along the wind...
Or my destiny just written to keep an eye...on the rice husk being grind

Standing alone in the lush green fields,
I dared to see a dream ...
Nurturing it with waters of passion,
And feeding sunlight of hope..
I knew very well ...I was far away..from the destination ahead..
But to reach there some day , I quitely persevered.

With my back on the dry husk stalks,
Random thoughts through my mind would run..
How on hell will my battle with destiny ever be won...

"Destiny is in our own hands"
I remembered reading in my old school book..
Then why not give it a try this time..
Inching a closer look.

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