Monday, 23 September 2013

Madly In Love With Pain...

Not just once... but time and again
Fate  played numerous games..
Taking me through the mazes of life..
For fresh air sometimes had to strive.

Thought...may be this was the end..
And rest will be happily spend..
Alas! it came back in a new form..
To blow my sails in the mighty storm.

Still I learned the tricks to survive..
Well..for every ounce of blood in pain I thrived...
The road ahead seemed to be filled with dust..
Not a single one was there to trust...
Lone I had to spend all the years..
Even a hand didn't raise to wipe my tears.

All I was thinking why just me?
Had questions crawled up for the "Thee"...
When will I ever get the chance ...
To come out of all these trance.

Will ever the sun bright so shine...
And say exactly what was my crime...
Why are they pushing me through the dark lanes..
All around just filled with blood stains.

Will ever I get the reason to know...
Why there is no spring but just winter snow.

Tired I am of these acting skills..
Doing them all the time is no more a thrill..
Ripped apart is my heart's core..
Emotions just washed ashore.

I promised all to never leave their hand...
But when I turned, near me.. no one did stand.
They thought I was ...just a phase..
An entertainer in the world's stage.

May be all of them were so true..
As the life's sky got filled with gloomy hue.
I thought lying down on the fields green...
Watching the clouds hover the sky's blue screen..

As the golden rays touched the grass...
I felt why life had been so harsh...
Won't I  get a second chance...
To prove my worth and say "I am not a trash".

Let thousand times fate pull me down...
One day surely I will wear the golden crown.

That very day,
Walking past the heaps of hay...
Slowly to my life ...I will ask..
To give me again.. new enduring tasks..
Coz..people may pray for money, glory or gain..
But I pray for one thing....
And thats.....
To be madly in love with pain.

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