Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Many years back they were total strangers 

Unknown to each others view points and perspectives , unaware of each others interests and unwilling to compromise with their principles on life 

Each had their different chosen path to walk on and never bothered what the next one thought about it , but yes they were good people down there , deep inside that may would have prompted the Almighty to clash their paths 

And today heading one of the most successful multispecialty hospitals of the city they are often questioned by the media houses or by their jealous counterparts 

A very prompt reply comes from their side and they say “ We discovered it during the 3rd year in the medical college and never dared to break it off  , and that's..... the spirit of a “Team”



  1. Brilliant Doc. That's what Team and team spirit is all bout, resounding success and be humble about it:)

  2. team spirit is always important :) good one sushree :)

  3. Sushree, the team spirit can do wonders. Very well written.

  4. I have had the privilege of knowing one team of doctors who work together extremely well. They are a real blessing to their patients.

  5. It is mostly team that deliver more than an individual....

  6. Yes, team matters. Its always synergy that wins !


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