Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Come Back....

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The night was dark and the wind cold . Looking out of the window a million thoughts flashed through her mind .

How things change . And people too . Agreements turn over into disagreements . Slowly giving way for indifferences to crop up .

It all seems beautiful till we come up to an age . To recognize to realize to interpret to understand . Unannounced a time comes when we start acknowledging those fine lines between actions and words .
When closer ones travel farther away and farther ones come close.
The woolen clothes in her body weren’t giving her warmth . 

When a heart turns cold , things can’t warm it up .

Numerous times he repeated the same thing . This is how it is and this is how it’s meant to be .

But she never agreed . Being the fighter , the rebel she couldn’t just sit quite . Accepting things as it was . She knew if it wasn’t working out then it’s our responsibility to make it work . 

Unfortunately who understands that . Putting the blame on luck or fate everyone escapes . Through a safe narrow path . Leaving us alone in hot noon or heavy rain .

And that’s when we get it . That’s the moment which speaks to us . Keeps us awake till late in the night .

When everyone goes to sleep a dreamer wakes up .

Same happened with her . Her aspirations didn’t let her keep down . It forced her , it coerced her , it compelled her to take that one step towards life . Her dream life 

She knew he must be angry . How mad he must be at her . Maybe he can’t even withstand her for a single minute . But she will try . At least once . To pacify him . To let him go off all those piled up qualms .

The sun had already risen radiating sunlight around .  She opened her eyes finding herself in a new day .

And the train was nearing it’s  destination  . One of his favorite songs played in from somewhere among the passengers , may be from someone’s mobile phone . “ Tumko dekha toh , yeh khayal aya “ aah …she started missing him like anything now . The rest thirty minutes seemed more than the past years of separation .

How desperate she was . To hug him , to feel his warmth . To tell him that she cared for him much more than anybody else .

Reaching near the door steps she quietly kept her luggage down . Taking small silent careful steps she ventured inside .
Finding him seated on the rocking chair , she was assured nothing has changed . With closed eyes he was listening to old melodious Hindi film songs .

Lightly she put down the CDs she had brought for him on the table . Taking extra care not to disturb him she went behind his back . Putting her hands around his neck she said in a very low voice “ I am sorry “ .

His eyes opened in an instance . Taken aback by the sudden utterance he turned around . He couldn’t believe his eyes . Yes , she was standing in front of his eyes right there . Just right there.

Words trickled down speaking through their eyes expressing uncountable emotions evincing unspoken utterance .

After all a daughter is every father’s gem and father her best man . 


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Enjoy your much awaited Sunday Friends :)


  1. really sushree its such a relief.. sunday i mean :) can write long posts, no constraints!
    awesome story :) and narration too.. din get it was her father she was thinkin abt all along til the end! well done :)

  2. I second that :) I never imagined A-Z Challenge would be so demanding.... still it's a fabulous experience ...isn't it :)
    Thank you for your lovely words .....

  3. Heart warming and beautiful post, Sushree. The narration is crisp and one could feel the love and longing for the father:)

  4. woww you have expressed each moment so elegantly... beautiful write

  5. That was a beautiful story, skilfully woven!

  6. The beauty of the father-daughter relationship,perfectly captured.:)

  7. Wow, I loved the build up and the revelation of the father daughter relationship that followed. Brilliant S :)

    1. Thank you MS ....I was waiting for your comment :)
      You addressed me as S today ...I liked that :)

  8. So beautifully written. Loved the twist at the end too. :)

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