Thursday, 24 April 2014

Uniform ....

As I step out of the house they mock at me 

Though it has become a routine affair every day , it doesn’t bother me anymore and I laugh back at those baseless craps  which they blabber out without worrying about the future  

Feeling the morning sun on my skin , I walk along towards the bus stop like a soldier marching ahead 

It tires me out every single day  , but quitting seems much more tiring 

And finally I reach , take my blue uniform out of my bag , put it one , get hold of my ammunition and be fully prepared  , to sweep the floor making it as shiny as possible protecting myself from the pinches of my past and assuring my kids  a good future


  1. We never look at their profession do we? Lovely take!

  2. :) why belittle another profession? I feel proud for him!

  3. A thoughtful story in five sentences.

  4. Beautiful post on Dignity of Labour!

  5. What an honour it is in doing one's work right - whatever work it is...a very good post, Sushree!

  6. Lovely take, Sushree. I might be a sweeper, but I want to be the best sweeper in the world ! What a message you've sent us !

  7. Beautiful landing and terrific courageous tale..and even a more beautiful message hidden beneath...:)


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