Saturday, 26 April 2014


They lived just opposite 

Their days started with a glimpse of each others face and a curve on their lips 

It has been the same for past few years but nobody complains , as no one’s there to do so 

Settled in a different country and being so busy with work they seldom find time to call them back and exchange few words 

But that single glimpse every  morning  devoid of any words soothes their wrinkled souls to carry on for another new day


On this day of letter " W " 


  1. Sometimes words aren't enough.. even a small gesture or a kind look goes a long way.. More than words ever could

  2. Wonderful! So much said in so few words. Like this very much.

  3. Touching story Doc and it touches the heart and soul:)

  4. beautiful,words are really very powerful

    World Temple

  5. So sweet but very moving!Sometimes the words cant say as much as silence can convey.

  6. Poignant and moving composition!

  7. Ah yes.. some relations dont require words :)

  8. Touching. I can imagine them being lonely, but the single glimpse takes it away from them and makes them forget their sorrow !


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