Tuesday, 22 April 2014


He made a new promise every day to compensate for the broken older one 

The green stripped shoes teased him every morning when he took his formal ones out for the office

1 year and it still lay at the same place undisturbed untouched unscathed safe from the treacheries of everyday world

“Suhas” I am tired of the promises you make every day and your false claims of going for jogging to loose weight , so I have decided to hand over these new pair of shoes to anybody who knocks the door next 

But nobody ever guessed that it would the same old beggar who came every Monday with cracked heels and burnt foot to get gifted with a latest designer puma shoe



  1. Ha! Well written :) btw just random, I remember this quote I read, which says that when the rich guys wardrobe is full, he donates and then is known for his charity. Something to ponder over no?

  2. Haha! Motivating story! Atleast people will start workin out seriously for the fear of losing their stuff :P :D

  3. Ha that is funny.

    Blogging AtoZ "Things My Husband Has Broken"

  4. hehe :-D guess the beggar had got up frm gud side dat day!

  5. Nicely woven story, Doctor.

  6. Beautifully scripted with a golden heart Doc as one can identify with the story. There is something called Karma and so well written:)

  7. Nice story! This kind of thing should happen more often.

  8. It is all destiny :-). Beggar was to get the Puma shoes..

  9. He was lucky, I guess :) And did Suhas start jogging , after all ?


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