Monday, 3 March 2014

Sheer Silence....

In sunshine or in rain ,
Losses or in gain ,
In persistence or absence ,
Peace or in distress ,
In happiness or in screams ,
Dried up or in gleam ,
In daylight or in dark ,
Dullness or in spark ,
In love or in hatred ,
Blue or beaming red ,
Today or day after ,
What matters is your laughter ,
Those talks and those babbles ,
Those meaningless annoying  squabbles ,
Everything’s filled with obscure essence ,
But ….
What kills is sheer silence .



  1. very nice one..:) really touching..:)

  2. Thank you ...Lahari :) I am glad that it touched you :)

  3. aah dang, silence is a killer indeed *sigh* well put in words :)

    1. Thank you :) ...n you are the first one to join my blog ....thank you so much for that :):):)...It always be special for me....Midnight Scribbles ....I love your name :)

  4. It depends Dr Sushree. When you are in a mood to live a joyful life,silence can be frustrating and even scary.But when you turn the gaze inwards,silence is a blessing.
    The poem is easy flowing with contrasts in each line.

  5. Yes...I agree Sir . Here I just tried to depict few expressions which we have after a fight or misunderstanding with someone and how their sudden silence scares us .


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