Friday, 21 March 2014

A-Z Challenge Theme


This is the first time I am taking part in the A-Z April Challenge .
Well…I  can say…. I am a bit nervous .
Although I have been writing  regularly since the last six months , still I can’t say myself to be a full fledged blogger .
I  joined few social networking sites meant for writers and bloggers , and it helped immensely .
For the first time I participated in the Write Tribe Festival of Words 3 , and man that was such an amazing experience !!!
I got to read so many new blogs , their stories , their poems , their articles and the most special part was interacting with them .
Initially when I had started blogging there were hardly any visitors . I would coerce my friends to read my posts and say how it was J
As a newbie blogger I had no idea how to let more people read my posts .
Then after joining few sites the traffic did increase a bit .
But , the write tribe festival opened my eyes . I realized how important it is for a blogger to interact with fellow bloggers .
I never expected such an overwhelming response to some of my posts .
So, thanks a lot everyone for your encouraging comments and your incredible posts .
And now comes the time for the A-Z Challenge .
 I have been waiting for this for quite some time now but was a bit skeptical .
As to write with all the 26 letters and that to serially would be a tough task for a newbie blogger like me .
Still , I want to be a part of this challenge coz I feel it will open new doors for us in the blogging world .
I had simply thought of writing posts  beginning with different letters or on a theme of that particular letter , but hadn’t given a thought about anything like a theme based writing .
And today being the theme revelation day , I too wish to choose one .
So , my theme would be based on “ Human Lives “….their emotions , their experiences , their struggles and much more coz in this path of life we all go through innumerable experiences and emotions which makes it so intriguing . 
Hope you all enjoy reading my posts and scribble down few words as that encourages a writer to improvise further .
And thank you Vidya Ma’m for your support .
Best wishes for all my fellow bloggers ….Happy Blogging J


  1. Good Luck for the Challenge :D:D Shall look forward to it!

  2. Thank you so much Midnight Scribbles for your support ....Hope you enjoy my forthcoming posts :)

  3. I like this theme - broad and yet so very important! All the best, Sushree for capturing the immense complexity of our lives :)

    1. Thank you so much ...Beloo ...hope you enjoy reading my posts too :)

  4. its evn my first time participating in the challenge and am a newbie too :D i read a few posts n i luvd d way u write :) looking forward to your posts :) all the best :)

    1. ok..then we both r in the same boat somehow :)
      Thanks for the appreciation ...hope u like my forthcoming write ups :) Gud luck :)


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